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Apple sim tree costs nearly 100,000 VND

The sim stick is in the toolkit of the iPhone self-repair program and is controversial when it is sold by Apple for $ 4.

The level of 4 USD Apple given does not include shipping charges. A user on the forum Reddit said it had tried to order the tool and shipped it to Akron, Ohio. The total amount this person has to pay is 13 USD (280,000 VND), of which the shipping fee is 9 USD. Apple only allows users to buy one sim stick at a time.

The rental and sale of tools and components in the iPhone self-repair program is undertaken by a third party, but the price Apple offers for a sim tree has caused controversy on social networks. On some forums like Reddit, many members humorously comment on the expensive price of the product that is included with the purchase of the phone. Account thisxisxlife joked that he was waiting for the Pro version for the sim stick, instead of buying the standard version like now.

Apple has up to two versions of sim sticks.  Photo: Arron Zollo

Apple has two versions of the sim stick. Image: Arron Zollo

Account Arron Zollo said Apple has two versions of sim tree. In particular, the one with a circular shape like a paperclip for the iPhone SE, while the retail version and packaged with other iPhone models are flattened and more beautiful. On Twitter, the account arj123 claims that the product costs $4 because it was “designed by Apple in Cupertino, California”.

Many Vietnamese users commented on Facebook that there are some cheap or free and more environmentally friendly solutions than using toothpicks or paper clips. On domestic e-commerce sites, sim sticks are sold for from 1,000 VND. Before Apple, Bkav used to sell sim sticks for 10,000 VND but has now stopped distributing this product.

According to technology pages, Apple gives the above price because the cost of sales is more than the cost of production. Before that, the company was also controversial when selling screen wipes for $ 19 (more than 400,000 VND).

Programme iPhone repair yourself deployed by Apple from April 27 in the US and will gradually expand to other markets. Currently users can replace the battery, screen and camera for iPhone SE, iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series. To do this, Apple rents out a specialized toolkit for $49 for a week, or users can buy individual tools and accessories.

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