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Chow Tinh Tri revealed information about The Ultimate Kung Fu 2

“This is the best martial arts action movie ever produced. I’m here and looking forward to the premiere of Kung Fu 2,” said acclaimed filmmaker James Gunn. The film’s poster was also revealed by director Wesley Chu.

Great kungfu is a cult film, loved as soon as it was released in 2004. The film quickly earned $ 102 million in the international market. Up to now, it is still the “most mature” work of comedy star Chau Tinh Tri.

Chow Tinh Tri revealed information about

Unofficial poster of the movie Ultimate Kung Fu 2. (Photo: Sina).

A year after the work was released, Chow Tinh Tri expressed hope to produce a part 2, but in the end, things did not go as planned. His next movie is CJ7 released in 2008, a sci-fi comedy about father and son adopting a friendly alien that was not received as warmly as Great kungfu. In 2013, Chow Sing Chi directed Journey To The West: The Demon Strike Back, At the same time, he also affirmed Best Kung Fu 2 was still scheduled, but had to be paused to allow him to focus on other projects.

Chow continued to confirm the news of the sequel while promoting the movie New King of Comedy 2019, but then the audience still had to “rejoice”.

Chow Tinh Tri revealed information about

Chow Tinh Tri will not play the lead role in Kung Fu 2. (Pictured in the movie).

Later, Chow Tinh Tri revealed that, Ultimate Kung Fu 2 won’t be a direct sequel, but is instead set in modern times. Regarding the news that Chau Tinh Tri will return to the screen, starring in the work, the male director denied it. They also denied the news Ultimate Kung Fu 2 Released in 2022.

Many people are disappointed that Chow will not star in the sequel, especially after a long absence. Chow also said “a lot of new characters” and “a lot of new actors” will appear in the film. It is known that the film will revolve around the female protagonist.

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