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“Computer Genius” Wei Yanzheng left 3 sentences for me

At the end of 2013, Peking University held an alumni festival. At this moment, a man on crutches entered. Anyone who looks at it will recognize that this is Wei Yanzheng, a “computer genius” with a doctorate who is working for Huawei.


The young man found a quiet corner and sat down with difficulty. The classmate next to him smiled and asked: “Hey, what’s wrong with your leg? Injured playing ball?”.

Wei Yanzheng shook his head and said: “This leg is fake, I’m sick so I have to amputate.”

Those words made the atmosphere quiet. The classmate immediately apologized to Wei Yanzheng, he just smiled and didn’t say a word.

“Computer genius” Wei Yanzheng and his quest for education

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Wei Dien Chinh was born in 1975 in O Lo Moc Te (Tan Cuong). As the youngest child in the family, he grew up in the utmost love of his siblings and parents. Not only was he independent from a young age, his ability to calculate logic and memory was also extremely strong, thereby achieving a “huge” achievement in the national high school math and chemistry competition.

In grade 12, Wei Yanzheng’s family had a big accident. His brother passed away in a sudden accident. Becoming the only son in the family, Wei Dien Chinh has great expectations from the family. Sure enough, he successfully entered the Computer Software Department of the prestigious Peking University.

Peking University is truly a paradise for those with great ideals. Wei Dien Chinh progressed very quickly, not only completed the Computer major, but also enrolled in a 2nd degree in Economics.

In May 1998, two presidents of the University of Singapore visited Peking University and were extremely satisfied with Wei Yanzheng’s role as a guide and interpreter. After that, the principal invited him to study abroad in Singapore, but he refused because he had not completed the program in the country. After graduating and working for a while, he felt that the domestic level was far below the international level, so he accepted to enroll at the University of Singapore and received a full scholarship.

After completing the program in Singapore, Wei Yanzheng earned a doctorate from the University of Southampton in the UK.

Then, on a chance to know a Huawei executive in Europe, Wei Yanzheng returned to Shenzhen to work as an assistant in the Marketing department for this leading Chinese technology group.

In 2009, Wei Yanzheng married a girl who used to study abroad in Singapore. But when his wife was 4 months pregnant, the nightmare came.

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Evil disease and optimism

In 2011, Wei Yanzheng (36 years old) discovered that he had a rare type of malignant cell cancer. At that time, the disease had turned into a severe stage, with a mortality rate as high as 80%.

The young couple collapsed even more when the doctor informed that Wei Yanzheng had to amputate his leg. This caused him a lot of pain.

In 2012, the cancerous cells were deeply embedded in the bone. Accordingly, the bones of Wei Yanzheng’s legs and feet were punctured with 3 large holes, and the cancer began to spread to the lungs.

With no other choice, Wei Yanzheng accepted a cruel treatment plan: amputation, treatment, chemotherapy.

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Source: Toutiao


Source: Toutiao

After surgery, my son is 8 months old. Losing a leg, his wife became his missing leg, guiding him to walk and live until he used crutches himself.

During the time of living with this terrible disease, Wei Dien Chinh has always maintained an optimistic spirit, treated positively and brought joy to everyone. The cost of treatment made the family’s economy difficult, and he was determined to work to earn more income and contribute to society.

3 contemplative sayings left for you

Illness followed for many years, Wei Dien Chinh saw through the life and death of people. He thanked fate for not taking him away immediately, but leaving the opportunity for him to accompany his wife and son.

As his son grows up, Wei Yanzheng always cherishes every moment he is with him. He tries to let his son understand his father, keeping some good memories because time does not allow him to accompany him for life.


One day, Wei Yanzheng asked his son: “You know what? Dad has cancer and will probably die. Do you know what it means to die?”

The child replied: “Like dead fish in the supermarket! Parents can’t see me anymore, I can’t see them anymore. If dad is gone, but when I miss him, will he come back?”.

Nguyen Dien Chinh says: “Cannot!”.

Boy: “What if I miss you very, very much?”

The sad father said: “Daddy can’t come back either.”

Hearing this sentence, the little son cried a lot. Wei Yanzheng understands that this is very difficult for his son to accept, but he has to do it so that he doesn’t get too hurt when his death comes.

At the last moment of his life, Wei Yanzheng wanted to leave his 4-year-old son a few things. In the end, he decided to send his son 3 sayings of his lifelong contemplation.

Wei Yanzheng pulled his son to the blackboard and wrote four words: Intellect, willpower.

“Intelligence is whether you are smart or not. Willpower is an expression of whether you do a good job or not, whether you have the determination to strive for a long time or not. It is determination to do it well. Strength and intelligence are brothers and sisters. No one is intelligent all the time. Childhood intelligence makes no sense at all. Without energy, intelligence will dissipate. Only people with will will make a difference. I’m getting smarter.”

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On the second day, Wei Yanzheng waited for his son to come home from school and wrote four more words: Support, friends.

“In the future, when you grow up, you have to survive in the society out there. If you want to live more easily, you must know how to make friends. The strength of the collective is of course more than when there is only one person. You have to be really sincere. You help them, they help you. Only then can you do great things.”

On the third day, Wei Yanzheng wrote four words again: Vision, determination.

“When the capacity is stronger, more things need to be done, many people will come to find their children to work. Of course there will be good things and bad things, which are difficult to see through in a short time. At this time, people having a certain ability and age can recognize and make fewer mistakes, do a lot of good things. This is the force of concentration. In this world, many people can only do so far as ‘helping friends’ as dad said. Yesterday, only a few people possessed great ability, foresight, and strong concentration. This is the direction of our efforts in the future.”

On August 8, 2016, Wei Yanzheng (41 years old) left this world, no longer tired of fighting illness. The pain is still there, but surely the good memories and lessons of the father are always present in the heart of the little son.

(Source: Toutiao) future-for-child-3-cau-chiem-nghiem-day-suc-manh-2022050315063728.chn

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