Despite objections, 10 EU countries are “silently” buying Russian gas in rubles

RT news agency (Russia) on May 1 quoted the Chief of Staff of the Hungarian Prime Minister Gergely Gulyas as revealing that, despite many European countries announcing that they would not buy Russian gas in rubles, there are still 10 countries in this region. , is technically “silently” responding to Moscow’s payment requests.

Hungary has opened a euro payment account at Russia’s Gazprombank. The bank then converts the payments from euros into rubles, which are then passed on to suppliers in Russia.

There are 9 other countries using the same payment method“, the Hungarian official said, without specifying which countries they were.

RT quoted Bloomberg last week as saying that 10 EU countries have set up accounts at Gazprombank and 4 countries have actually paid for Russian gas using this mechanism.

Hungary depends on Russia for about 90% of its gas imports, so the country has opposed EU sanctions on this important item.

We cannot impose sanctions when they harm ourselves instead of the person we want to punish.” Mr. Gulyas said.

Referring to the skyrocketing energy costs across Europe, the Hungarian official affirmed that the country will “continue to buy energy at the cheapest possible price” to partially offset the costs for the domestic population. 20220502120440039.htm

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