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Discovered a huge “weird” gold mine in China

On May 3, the South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported that an international team of scientists had discovered the above gold mine.

While gold mines usually form billions of years ago, the huge gold mines in Northern China only formed about 120-140 million years ago. In particular, it is created by magmatic fluids mixed with rainwater, a process unlike that of gold found elsewhere in the world.

The international team of scientists say their findings could help find gold resources by identifying areas of magma activity. A study on a “weird” gold mine in northern China was published on May 3. An international team of scientists detailed the geological process they discovered.

Discovered a strange giant gold mine in China - Photo 1.

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“Magma fluids are relayed from the magma chamber below. Faulty activity and faults facilitate the uplift of the magma fluid, which then mixes with rainwater resulting in gold deposition” – part of the study write study.

The international team of scientists includes researchers from the China University of Geosciences, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the University of Wisconsin – Madison (USA) and the German Geological Research Center.

Much of northern China – including present-day Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei – rests on a portion of the lithosphere known as the craton (the craton, i.e., the ancient and stable part of the continental crust that has existed since then). through the merger and separation of continents and supercontinents over at least 500 million years).

One of the study’s authors, Professor Li Jianwei at the University of Geosciences of China, said that although the liquid source and process of gold formation in the gold mine in northern China is not the same as that of other cratons. in the world but their metal composition is largely similar.

An international team of scientists used ion spectroscopy and discovered that the gold mine appeared to have originated from the degassing of an underlying magma chamber.

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