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Does exercise cause a stroke? Is there a way to prevent stroke during exercise?

First, I can answer briefly: Exercise does not cause a stroke. A stroke is a gradual process, like a glass of water gradually filling up, to a certain stage it only takes one more drop to overflow. A stroke occurs when a person has a blocked or ruptured blood vessel.

Exercise and sports are one of the important ways to help us prevent stroke, the problem is whether the exercise is correct, the exercise is suitable for the health status and endurance of our body.

A number of studies from Europe and the US show that the most important point of exercise to avoid becoming “the last straw” related to stroke is moderate exercise, according to your ability. For example, a 50-year-old cannot train with the same intensity as an 18-year-old. Conversely, 18-year-olds should not practice like a 75-year-old man.

In addition, we need to know a number of other factors that are also of concern, such as whether diabetes, high blood pressure are well controlled. Sometimes, there are important reasons we don’t see or know that think when someone has a stroke it’s because they exercise. In fact, it is possible that they have had problems before that have not been detected.

If you already have a daily exercise routine, keep it up. It is necessary to practice properly and moderately and regularly. When you feel tired stop, practice a little bit each day rather than practice a lot at once. In addition, if there are certain diseases or health problems, it should be completely controlled. For example, we exercise regularly but our diabetes is not controlled, we are running low blood sugar, we can fall, fall.

Really, exercise is the best medicine, extremely inexpensive, free, with almost no side effects. Many studies have proven that exercise is the most effective form of exercise, better than many expensive drugs.

Of course, not all exercise is good. The general rule with anything that applies to health, not just exercise is: Do it right, in the right dose, good, too much of anything is not good. Before exercising, you should consult a doctor, especially those with joints, disabilities, cancer, chronic diseases…

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