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Ejaculation outside – contraceptive method with many risks

External ejaculation can cause unwanted pregnancy, or semen easily flows out of the penis, reducing the amount of sperm, leading to difficulty conceiving later.

Vaginal ejaculation is a traditional method of contraception but is not safe because the possibility of unintended pregnancy is quite high.

Doctor Le Duy Thao, Department of Andrology, Hong Ngoc General Hospital, said that each time a man ejaculates, a man’s semen can contain an average of 40 to 200 million sperm. After semen is released into the vagina, sperm travels into the cervix and up the uterus to fertilize if it meets an ovulated egg in the fallopian tube. Sperm move into the tubes within minutes of ejaculation.

Thus, “when semen comes out after ejaculation and remains in the vagina for a few minutes, the possibility of pregnancy is still very high”, the doctor said. In addition, just a small amount of semen also has a lot of healthy sperm, capable of traveling quickly to the fallopian tubes, leading to unwanted pregnancy.

External ejaculation is also not good for couples, especially women over 35 years old. The reason is that when released, the sperm will be destroyed by the acid from the vaginal secretions. In addition, they must also be healthy enough to overcome the protective barrier of the egg to be able to enter, meet the ovum and begin the process of union.

Therefore, in order for sperm to be able to fertilize an egg, it requires healthy sperm quality. On average, in each ml of semen there are at least 15 million sperms that are suitable for conception. “If this number is less, it is considered low sperm. After sex, semen going out also reduces the amount of sperm that can conceive, semen containing healthy sperm decreases, reducing the possibility of pregnancy. after that.

Men with low sperm count, weak sperm or weak physical women, having problems with eggs, cysts, fibroids, endocrine… the chances of getting pregnant are even lower.

Doctor Thao checks and examines the patient's health.  Photo: provided by the doctor

Doctor Thao checks and examines the patient’s health. Photo: provided by the doctor

To increase the rate of conception after sex, men do not rush to withdraw the penis from the vagina, but leave it for about 5 minutes, helping the sperm to stay in the vagina deeper and longer, increasing the possibility of pregnancy.

Couples need to take care of their own health. Men supplement with minerals zinc, selenium, iron. Do not smoke, drink alcohol or alcoholic beverages. Choose the right time to have sex, build the right, healthy, safe habits to help improve the rate of conception.

Reducing the frequency of sex and having protection until the day you decide to get pregnant helps to increase the amount of sperm in one ejaculation. Women should schedule sex on the right day of ovulation to achieve the best fertilization results.

Clean the intimate area before sex to avoid infectious diseases. Do not use support tools or perform positions that cause discomfort or hurt to both people, especially women. Do not douche after sex.

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