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Feeling inferior at the age of 28

I’m not good at trading or investing, and I’m also thinking about investing in stocks, but I don’t know much, so I haven’t participated.

I am 28 years old, from the West, living and working in Dong Nai. My mother is more than 70 years old, all of them have families, are living in the countryside, the family is not too difficult, but only enough to eat and clothe, not much to spare. Sometimes I send my mother a little money to spend, help build this, repair that.

I am a gay man, my appearance is not attractive, so I find it difficult to find love in this world. So I plan to live alone, taking care of myself. When I was about to graduate from university, I joined the labor export program and worked in Japan, intending to go there to live and work for a few years when I graduate, and return to Vietnam if I have a spare. However, I fell ill with tuberculosis at that time, so I could not continue and had to be treated for half a year. After I finished my illness and graduated, I did not plan to go to Japan to work anymore, so I have been in Vietnam until now.

>> I feel inferior when my monthly salary is less than 10 million dong

I work as a technician in a laboratory, belonging to a large German corporation based in Vietnam, specializing in measurement and analysis. The salary after deducting insurance is only about 10-12 million VND per month, if the bonus is a few million more, but not often. After more than four years of working, I have only won more than 150 million VND. The company has pretty good compensation, the work is not stressful or stressful, does not have to work overtime often and only works eight hours a day, but has to work rotating shifts continuously. I feel that my health will be affected if I continue like this and it is difficult to learn more from work.

I often read Confidentiality, the more I read, the less I feel. Everyone of the same age or younger than me works with a salary of several tens of millions of dong per month. After only two or three years, they have accumulated a few hundred million dong or a billion dong in assets, preparing to buy a house and buy land. I still had nothing.

At the end of this month, I will quit my job to find a new job, hoping to have many opportunities for advancement as well as personal development. I see everyone after changing jobs can find new jobs with higher salaries, better jobs and more opportunities. I hope you find the same opportunity yourself. Looking forward to sharing with everyone.


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