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Frying small fish, just add a few things, the fish will be golden crispy and not broken

Fish is a familiar food in every family’s meal and can be processed into many delicious dishes. Not only that, fish is also rich in nutrients and is recommended to be included in the weekly menu.

Fish is the best source of fat, rich in omega-3, 6, 9 fatty acids and contains very little bad cholesterol… Omega-3 penetrates cell membranes, making an important contribution to the signaling process between cells for a healthy heart.

Eating fish helps prevent atherosclerosis, reduce blood clots leading to blood vessel blockage, prevent stroke… People with cardiovascular disease, dyslipidemia can eat more fish per week.

Omega-3 fatty acids are also beneficial in improving vision, the structure of retinal cells in the eye. Because the eyes and brain are high in omega-3s and need this source of fat to maintain health and other body functions.

Vitamin A found in fish helps keep eyes healthy and prevents eye diseases. In addition, the abundant amount of DHA in fish is one of the nutrients that help the brain develop, increase the ability to learn and remember.

In fact, it is found that peoples who eat a lot of raw fish are healthier, less sick than people who eat a lot of meat. The Eskimos live in the cold, but the incidence of cardiovascular disease is very low. Children in Japan are healthier and smarter than children in many other countries. Why so?

Through studying the eating and food habits of the Eskimos and the Japanese, researchers found that it was the daily fish that brought them health and intelligence. This is explained by the fact that in fish there are two nutrients that are very valuable for human health: EPA has the effect of preventing cardiovascular disease and DHA has a very important role for the nervous system.

Because of the above benefits, experts recommend that each week we should eat at least 3 fish meals to have a healthy body.

There are many types of fish you can use to cook with in different sizes. Small sized fish that can also be fried or cooked are also very tasty and attractive.

However, many people complain that when frying small fish, it is often broken, not golden and crispy without knowing why. In this regard, according to a chef, with small fish, it is necessary to add a few ingredients when frying to make the fish delicious and crispy. What is that material, please refer to the specific method below:


– Small fish (oil bream, gobiesfish roe, fish spirit, … as you like)

– Salt, cooking wine

– Green onions, ginger

– Wheat flour, cornstarch

– Cooking oil


– Fish are slaughtered, gutted, washed, and dried.

– Put the fish in a large bowl, add a little salt and cooking wine, stir well. Next, add some scallions and sliced ​​ginger, mix well, marinate for 30 minutes. The process of marinating fish with spices helps to make fish meat firmer and no longer fishy, ​​when frying the fish is also more crispy.

– Prepare another clean bowl, add flour and cornstarch in the ratio 1:1, mix well.

Frying small fish, just adding a few things will make the fish crispy and not broken - Photo 2.

– Filter the minced scallions and ginger out of the marinated fish bowl to avoid burning onions and ginger when frying. Drain the fish and then cover the surface of the fish with the flour mixture so that each fish is covered with a thin layer of flour.

Frying small fish, just adding a few things will make the fish crispy and not broken - Photo 3.

– Put the pan on the stove, put the appropriate amount of cooking oil into the pan, turn up the heat and heat until the oil is hot to 70%, then reduce the heat. Drop each fish into the oil pan, fry until the outside of the fish is golden crispy, then remove and drain the oil.

Frying small fish, just adding a few things will make the fish crispy and not broken - Photo 4.

– After frying the fish one turn, continue to turn the heat up high. When the oil temperature rises, put the 1st fried fish in turn and fry the 2nd time for about 10-30 seconds to make the fish more crispy. Then remove the fish to a plate lined with greaseproof paper. The use of oil absorbent paper both helps the fish to reduce oil, and makes the fish more crispy and does not absorb the oil back, causing the fish to become soft quickly.

Thus, before frying small fish, you should remember to marinate the fish with spices to make it harder and more fragrant. Besides, you should sprinkle some flour, cornstarch on the surface of the fish when frying so that the fish is crispy, not sticking to the pan or broken.

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