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G-Class head, sports coupe body

While many Mercedes-AMG sports car fans are still waiting for the next generation of GT, this division reveals a unique model with a half-SUV, half-coupe structure co-developed by the company in collaboration with the company. Singer and rapper Will.I.Am.

This branched teaser image shows that the car uses a very clear G-Class face while the rear structure is that of a coupe. Meanwhile, the teaser posted by the male singer shows more details of the car such as round LED headlights, square nose and air vents in the front bumper of the AMG style.

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mercedes amg william teaser 3s 16515255312131861626926

Meanwhile, the side of the car is boldly coupe, specifically the current generation AMG GT while the rear end is almost completely copied from the 4-door AMG GT including from the trunk to the LED taillights. The teaser video from the singer also reveals the structure of the side door as a reverse door.

When raising the brightness of the teaser image, you can clearly see the strange shape of the sports car with a long head / tail while the wheelbase is short, a large part comes from the rear axle position.

Bizarre sports car teaser from Mercedes-AMG

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mercedes amg william teaser 1s 1651525531245150422551

The name of this semi-SUV, half-coupe car is said to be Will.I.AMG, a pun combining the names from both sides.

Mercedes-AMG’s strange sports car project will debut on May 5. Only one vehicle will be produced and will be auctioned off to raise money for a technical assistance program for universities.

Reference: Carscoops

Mercedes-AMG teases a strange model: G-Class head, sports coupe body - Photo 4.

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