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Gasoline prices will continue to increase tomorrow?

Because the new petrol and oil operating period falls on the holiday of April 30 – May 1, it is expected that gasoline prices domestic will be adjusted on 4/5.

According to calculations and forecasts of petroleum wholesalers, domestic gasoline prices in the next operating period are likely to continue to increase by 100-500 VND/liter, while oil prices increase at a lower rate. about 200 VND/liter. The specific adjustment level will depend on the use of the Price Stabilization Fund by the governing body.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the world petroleum market has had mixed developments in the past 10 days. The price of finished petroleum products in the world has increased and decreased, but the general trend is up. Meanwhile, the domestic base petrol price depends on the world price.

After the adjustment period on April 21, the domestic selling price of gasoline is:

– E5RON92 gasoline: not higher than 27,134 VND/liter

– RON95-III gasoline: not higher than 27,992 VND/liter

– 0.05S diesel oil: not higher than 25,359 VND/liter

– Kerosene: not higher than 23,828 VND/liter

– Fuel oil 180CST 3.5S: not higher than 21,800 VND/kg

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