Get opinions on two Covid-19 situations in Vietnam

The disease is no longer serious or there is a new virus strain that reduces the effectiveness of the vaccine are two cases of Covid-19 in Vietnam, which are being consulted by experts.

The draft plan to respond to epidemic situations was sent by the Ministry of Health to collect opinions from members of the National Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control, on April 29.

Scenario one, the virus strain continued to evolve, but because the community had immunity, the number of severe cases and deaths gradually decreased. Outbreaks are no longer as serious as before; or the emergence of a new, less dangerous virus strain.

With this situation, the Ministry of Health proposes to still implement the Government’s policy on safe adaptation; strengthen epidemiological surveillance to detect new strains; Maintain assessment of epidemic level and necessary measures.

The Ministry of Health will accelerate the receipt and distribution of vaccines for children from 5 years old; Complete vaccinations for this group in the second quarter to ensure the safety of children during the summer break and prepare for the new school year.

For other population groups, the Ministry will accelerate vaccination; strengthen mobilizing people to get injections with the motto “go to every alley, knock from house to house, check every person”. At the same time, localities urgently complete the second injection for children from 12 to under 18 years old; Triple injection for adults (from 18 years old).

The Ministry will study the 4th dose of Covid-19 vaccine with adults; triple nose with children from 5 years old…

Pfizer vaccination for children over 12 years old at Luong The Vinh High School (District 1), Ho Chi Minh City, October 27, 2021.  Photo: Quynh Tran

Pfizer vaccination for children over 12 years old at Luong The Vinh High School (District 1), Ho Chi Minh City, October 27, 2021. Image: Quynh Tran

Based on the epidemic situation, the Ministry will study to switch anti-Covid-19 measures from group A infectious disease to group B. At key monitoring points, the Ministry will sequence genes to detect the evolution of the virus. ; Expand surveillance for nCoV in animals, including domestic and wild animals.

People with asymptomatic Covid-19 can participate in some social activities.

Scenario twoVietnam will appear new virus strains capable of reducing vaccine effectiveness or immunity, causing infections with severe symptoms and increasing deaths, especially in vulnerable groups.

In response, the Ministry of Health will coordinate with the World Health Organization (WHO), the manufacturer to update the latest vaccines; promptly report to the Government for permission to purchase supplements for vaccination.

High-risk population groups such as people over 65 years old, with chronic underlying diseases… will be vaccinated with booster shots. The force participating in vaccination is mobilized to the maximum, including public and private healthcare.

Units focus on monitoring the epidemic and the impact of the new variant through hospital admissions; gene sequencing to detect circulating and new strains in outbreaks and clusters of cases with unusual characteristics.

Rule prevent, detect, isolate, localize, stamp out the epidemic be implemented flexibly, according to the narrowest scale and scope. Recipe 5K + vaccine + medicine + treatment + technology + people’s consciousness + other measures applied flexibly. In addition, monitoring and testing measures are deployed synchronously to detect infected people, thereby zoning, isolating and stamping out the epidemic as soon as possible.

Depending on the epidemic situation in each locality, appropriate Covid-19 treatment facilities will be established. Specific Covid-19 treatment drugs will be accessible soon. Agencies create all favorable conditions to promote the fastest production, technology transfer and processing of therapeutic drugs in Vietnam.

All state and private medical examination and treatment establishments, ministries, branches and schools are mobilized to participate in Covid-19 treatment. Hospitals prepare at least 40% of hospital beds for Covid-19 treatment.

A 3-tiered treatment tower model was established, to treat mild, asymptomatic patients; moderate and severe cases; serious and critical cases.

The Ministry of Health said that, in both situations, vaccines are still an effective measure to reduce the risk of severe disease and death. The high vaccine coverage rate, especially for the vulnerable and high-risk groups, is the foundation for gradually easing health and social measures.

Since the beginning of March, the Prime Minister has repeatedly stated that Vietnam will consult international experiences to move towards normalization with the epidemic, considering Covid-19 as an endemic disease.

On April 29, Deputy Health Minister Do Xuan Tuyen, said that Vietnam “is in the transition period between the Covid-19 pandemic and the endemic disease”. The 5K principle will be applied flexibly, in which 2K needs to be regularly maintained as masks and disinfection; The remaining 3K is distance, medical declaration, not crowded “will be more flexible”.

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