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Giving birth to a 5-month-old baby always feels the belly moving, the family loses their temper when the doctor reports the news

Usually, before sending the mother home from the hospital, besides advising on eating and resting, the doctor also advises women to use birth control even if their period has not yet appeared. Despite being advised to do so, there are some women who still complain, so they are accidentally “stealed” without even knowing it.

Recently married, Tieu Dan and her husband (who live in Hainan, China) planned to enjoy a married life for a year before getting involved with children. However, soon after, she suddenly felt tired and lost her appetite, so she bought a test strip and discovered that she pregnant. Needless to say, immediately both sides of the family had a party to celebrate, so Tieu Dan decided to give birth to this child.

During the whole pregnancy, Tieu Dan was well taken care of by her mother-in-law, she did not get sick or tired too much, so her health was also good. 9 months went by smoothly. Near the due date, Tieu Dan suddenly had abdominal pain in labor, and after a few hours, she successfully gave birth to a fat boy weighing 4kg. The whole family was happy to surround her mother and daughter.

Giving birth to a 5-month-old baby always feels the belly move, the family loses their temper when the doctor reports the news - 1

After giving birth, Tieu Dan received attentive care from everyone in the family (Artwork).

Being taken care of by both her biological mother and her mother-in-law, she helped to take care of the children, so Tieu Dan’s health recovered quickly. Her husband’s family is well off, so she hires more nannies, so in general, the job of being a mother of a “major bride” is extremely comfortable. From time to time, she “kicked” with her husband to go out to change the wind.

When the baby was 5 months old, Tieu Dan noticed that his stomach felt like something was moving. At first, the mother-of-one thought it was because she was so hungry that her stomach “wiggled”. But even with a full meal, something is moving in the stomach, and the frequency of movement is increasing over time. Worried that she had some kind of illness, Tieu Dan rushed to the hospital for examination.

Here, the doctor announced that she was not sick at all, what wiggled in her belly was a month-old baby. Hearing this, Tieu Dan was so shocked that she was speechless, she didn’t think she was pregnant. There was no other way, the doctor showed Tieu Dan the ultrasound image again, there was indeed a baby there. While Tieu Dan and his wife were still in a state of extreme confusion, her husband’s parents celebrated the second time.

Giving birth to a 5-month-old baby always feels the belly moving, the family loses its temper when the doctor reports the news - 3

Seeing her belly move, Tieu Dan went to the doctor and was shocked to hear that she was 4 months pregnant (Artwork).

However, before leaving, Tieu Dan had a question in his heart and asked the doctor: “I’m breastfeeding, I haven’t had my period yet, how can I get pregnant, doctor?”. The doctor immediately explained that the thought that while breastfeeding, without a “red light day”, you can “love until the end” and still not get pregnant is a very wrong thought.

In fact women After giving birth, you will still be able to conceive as normal because your eggs will still ripen and release as usual right after the discharge stops. However, at this time, due to the amount of hormones and the uterus is recovering, there will be no uterine lining, thereby not causing menstruation.

Therefore, new mothers need to pay special attention to this issue in order to have contraceptive measures suitable for their health and body. And the most important thing for mothers to know is that pregnancy and childbirth will affect the health of themselves and the baby in the womb.

According to the results of some studies, having a thick baby, especially the next pregnancy only about 6 months after the last delivery, will cause some risks as follows: premature birth, placental abruption, deficiency blood loss, low birth weight, etc. In addition, pregnancy and childbirth also make the mother’s body not have enough time to recover, nutrient reserves are depleted, making health worse. shot. This affects not only the mother, but also the development of the fetus. Babies won’t get all the nutrients they need during pregnancy.

Not to mention, if the previous birth, the mother gave birth by cesarean section, the next birth will also be a cesarean section. And pregnancy when the incision has not yet healed will easily lead to situations such as the fetus implanting in the scar of the uterus, the old incision being broken, uterine rupture … endangering the lives of both mother and child.

Therefore, to reduce the risk of pregnancy complications and other health problems, experts recommend waiting 18 to 24 months before continuing to become pregnant to ensure the health of yourself and your baby.

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