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Horror novel “Tet in Hell Village” was adapted into a movie

Tuesday, May 3, 2022 14:59 PM (GMT+7)

Director Tran Huu Tan and producer Hoang Quan decided to bring “Tet In Hell’s Village” to the screen because they were so impressed with this work.

“Tet In Hell Village” reached 4,000 copies in its initial publication, three times more than a regular book. The commercial book version reached the top 11 best-selling books of the week of an e-commerce platform.

The work is considered to be the impressive performance of writer Thao Trang (born in 1991). She said that she wants to create works that are not only entertaining, but also have value and incorporate elements of Vietnamese folklore.

Horror novel

Poster for the movie “Tet In Hell Village”

Recently, director Tran Huu Tan and producer Hoang Quan officially announced that they would bring “Tet In Hell’s Village” to the screen. This is the 4th project the duo collaborated on Bac Kim Thang, Ghost stories near home… The film is expected to be filmed at the end of 2022 and released in 2023.

Producer Hoang Quan shared: “The content of Tet in Hell’s Village is not only particularly attractive, but also very full and rich in the colors of Vietnamese beliefs and culture. There has never been a work that has made me feel so excited and captivated.” In this project, he and his colleagues want to continue to delve deeply into Vietnamese folklore and share this story with domestic and international audiences. “This is my and Tan’s pride in Vietnamese materials”, he added.

Horror novel

Directed by Tran Huu Tan

Director Tran Huu Tan said that “Tet In Hell Village” is a horror novel with the strangest and most interesting content he has ever read: Unlike other horror stories that only focus on violence, in this novel the author instills fear and terror in readers with detailed descriptions of the deaths and cruelty of demons. data through details imbued with folklore and highland spirituality”. He knew the literary work through the impressive title of the book and from a friend who sent it over. “Then I talked to Trang. After many exchanges back and forth, the producer and I reached an agreement to adapt the novel.” he shared.

The main setting of “Tet in Hell Village” is a remote village, located in a desolate land far from and isolated from the outside world. Therefore, director Tran Huu Tan immediately thought of Ha Giang: “This place not only has the beauty of the rocky plateau, but also the ancient villages that still retain the ancient characteristics of the people, along with the majestic scenery, the vast mountains covered with dense fog in winter. exactly as described in the novel”.

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