How to forgive when both are in conflict? | Women

1. Building relationships based on understanding

When you truly love your partner, you will find ways to understand him or her better. The relationship deteriorates partly because both of you don’t understand each other, are you willing to be the one to take a step back?

To maintain a strong relationship, you also need to invest a lot of effort and time. Let’s spend more time caring for each other, expressed in both words and actions.

How long has it been since you said you love him? Has it been a while since you two did something together? In order to forgive, you need to create opportunities for both of you and don’t wonder who should take the initiative.

No relationship can last if everyone wants to keep their personal ego to the end.

2. Find a way out of the hurt feelings

Feeling hurt will make you lack of sanity when looking at the problem. At times like these, you should take a deep breath and try to calm down. Think about the other side’s point of view, accept if they apologize and forgive each other to move forward together.

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Don’t lock yourself in a cramped room with negative emotions. Go outside to a park for some fresh air or to a quiet place to relax.

You should do whatever positive thing you can to temporarily distract yourself from your current problem: cleaning the house, cooking, washing clothes, having coffee with friends, meditating, doing yoga…

Learning to forgive is, after all, learning to love yourself more. When you find your heart at peace, you can evaluate the problem wisely.

3. Choose to forgive and solve problems together

You can keep your memories in your heart or forgive imperfections. That is your choice.

Think about the relationship as a whole, don’t analyze the current issue in more depth. You will realize how much the other person loves you and sacrifices for you…

Thinking about the good things your partner has done will help you move closer to forgiveness.

You might ask, “How would I feel one year from now about my current conflict?”.

This future question will help you feel more positive about your relationship. From there, you will be able to forgive the other person and see the conflict in an optimistic way.

Don’t “add fuel to the fire” and make the problem worse. By focusing on the future relationship, you can shift your focus away from current conflicts and negative emotions.

After you have calmed down and your emotions return to normal, you should talk to the other person. Share your feelings and suggest the best solution for both of you.

Forgiveness is a precious gift that when given, you will receive much in return.

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