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Husband beats wife in front of children

Recently, MXH shared a clip of a husband beating his wife brutally, making many people angry and angry.

The wife was assaulted by her husband in front of her 2 young children

According to the clip posted, the incident happened at about 6pm on April 30. At that time, at a hair salon, there was an argument between the two owners. The husband then assaulted the wife who was feeding her young child nearby.

Before the husband’s aggressive actions, the wife also refused to let go, but protested.

CLIP: The woman was slapped by her husband, grabbed her hair and pushed her into the corner of the wall in front of her two children, her helpless response made many people sad - Photo 2.

The husband relies on his health advantage to corner his wife. Image cut from clip

However, due to her husband’s poor health, the wife was then cornered and continued to be assaulted. The wife who was being restrained could only say something while crying.

While the two young children did not understand what was happening, the husband continued to act “upper leg, lower forearm with wife”.

Immediately after the clip was posted, it attracted the attention of MXH users.

It is said that, although the cause of the conflict between husband and wife is unknown, the husband’s violent action is not correct. In particular, right in front of the two children, the man still hit his wife.

The clip is still being shared on MXH. uc-khien-many-people-xot-xa-20220502214450269.chn

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