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“I am confident that I have my own ‘playground’ to develop my career in Vietnamese showbiz”

Once “banned” by his family from entering showbiz

Vannida Senthavisouk, nicknamed Angelaploy, possesses an attractive beauty with long legs. That is why she is loved by many young people on social networks. It is also thanks to her natural beauty and endless passion for modeling that Vannida entered the showbiz world very early. When she was 18 years old, she participated in many activities: Modeling lookbooks, modeling photos for some fashion brands in Thailand…

Thai model Vannida Senthavisouk:

Vannida has a super sexy body

Vannida (Angelaploy) is a girl who is not only attractive in appearance but also possesses many talents. In addition to modeling, Vannida also tried her hand at acting while in Thailand. In particular, because she is Thai, Lao, Vietnamese, and German (her father is Thai-German, mother is Vietnamese-Lao), so she is able to speak these four languages ​​fluently. This is also convenient for younger girls at work.

Thai model Vannida Senthavisouk:

However, the model’s biggest “barrier” is her own family. Vannida shared: “The job that I chose in the first place was not approved by my family. Since I was 18 years old, my mother always told me that a girl must get married, have children and stay at home to work. At that time, I thought and hesitated a lot, but I chose the path of art, because it was my dream since childhood. I am happy every time I can do what I am passionate about. My goal is to act in a lot of movies and dedicate myself to art.”

Thai model Vannida Senthavisouk:

At that time, in order to prove to her parents that the path she was on was the right one, Vannida had to go through many difficulties and challenges. She had to work through many different jobs to fulfill her passion. In the past, the young girl had many times when she felt discouraged. However, Vannida always tries to think that all difficulties are the driving force for her to stay strong and improve more and more: “I am grateful for the difficulties and obstacles that have made me who I am today. I believe we can’t change our past so let’s make our present very good, very happy.Because you never know what will happen in the future,so I always try my best. I do my best to live for the present. No matter how many difficulties and challenges, I try to overcome it.” – Vannida confided.

I am confident that I have my own “playground” to develop my career in Vietnamese showbiz

Thanks to her hard work and seriousness with art, over time, Vannida received the approval of her family when she entered showbiz to pursue her passion for modeling.

Thai model Vannida Senthavisouk:

After many years of hard work in Thai showbiz, when her career was “sublimated” and spreading roses, Vannida decided to choose Vietnam to continue her passion because she has great love for Vietnam. 9x said, returning to Vietnam has been her dream since childhood because Vannida’s mother is Vietnamese. Talking more about her love for Vietnam, Vannida couldn’t help but be “infatuated” for the S-shaped land: “I like everything that belongs to Vietnam: Vietnamese food, culture and people are friendly. When I came to Vietnam, I also had some small difficulties: I don’t speak Vietnamese very well, everything is still new to me After living in Vietnam for a while, I have adapted better and feel very satisfied. Enjoy your life here.”

Thai model Vannida Senthavisouk:

Although we know that Vietnamese showbiz, especially the modeling profession, is currently “saturated” when many young talents appear. However, Vannida confided, she is very confident in her ability because now, she also has a loving audience in Vietnam. Therefore, she is confident that she will do well and have her own “playground” in Vietnamese showbiz. At the present time in Vietnam, Vannida always feels cheerful and happy: “Thank you to everyone who loves me, thank you to Vietnam for loving and supporting me. I will try harder. , do better and have the opportunity I want to share, help everyone Promise that, there will be a nice little fan meeting for those who love Vannida (Angelaploy) so that we can talk and get close. each other more!” – she confided.

Don’t feel jealous when you are not “hunted like many people”

Although she has just returned to Vietnam, thanks to her beauty and talent, the model has received a large number of fans in the S-shaped land, so each picture that Vannida posts receives thousands of likes. work on social networks. However, her brand awareness is not high compared to models who have worked for a long time in Vietnamese showbiz. Talk about whether you are jealous or not when you have some friends in the same profession, even younger ones are more “warmly” welcomed than you. Vannida confided: “I’m not jealous of them at all. I feel it’s each person’s efforts. I don’t want to compare myself with others. That mindset helps me to try harder and do the job. their own in the best way.

For me, the most important thing in any job is to be ourselves. Then we will do everything well. All our efforts will be rewarded, everyone will do well at the job they love.”

Thai model Vannida Senthavisouk:

At the present time, the young girl is always working hard and trying to do well at the job she is passionate about. Vannida not only doesn’t show jealousy, but also has a dream that wants to help, wants to help her juniors and maybe in the future she will come back to help with the family business or run her own business to continue. continue to help many young girls conquer their dreams of pursuing art, especially modeling.

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