Instead of working hard on Facebook, Jewish parents teach their children to value their time like this

In the face of CEOs of famous global companies, Jews always occupy a dominant position. Is it possible that the descendants of the Jewish people all studied through the Academy of Management? The family is the place where the most effective Jewish management skills are fostered.

Their popular “market-based” education method trains children’s information management skills, cost management skills, and time management skills in many ways.

Doing housework together and participating in plans became the responsibility of children in a Jewish family. Regardless of the big and small things in the house, all family members discuss and exchange together. Big things include choosing a school, choosing a major, arranging work in the family, planning the future for the whole family, small things like what to eat today, everyone gives their menu.

The two most important management skills that Jews give priority to teaching their children include:

Train your child’s information management skills

Many Asian parents, including Vietnam, often embrace everything because they think they are the adults in the family, but Jewish mothers do not think so, they think that their children are also small owners, responsible Responsible for participating in family management, they encourage their children to brainstorm to collect information, devise plans for the family, the whole family contributes to solving.

For example, Jewish parents give their children full authority to handle annual leave.

Jewish parents love to ask their children to make a “family tree” or family photo album. To collect information, children have to ask their grandparents about stories from the past, then express it in their own words, make a family album, combine pictures and words, give people relatives and friends. Making a “family tree” will actively train children’s inductive skills.

Some Jewish parents who are knowledgeable about stocks even take the initiative to guide their children to pay attention to news related to investment companies, telling them what information will promote the stock price or increase. decrease in price and affect the investment amount. These small methods seem to be very simple and ordinary, but they contain the Jewish family’s educational purpose, effectively training their children’s information management skills.

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Train your child’s time management skills

“If you had $86,400 in your account every day and had to spend it all that day, how would you use it?” This is also a question Jewish parents ask their children. Every day we each have 86,400 seconds transferred to our account. Faced with such great wealth, how do you plan to use it?

Before teaching children wealth management skills, Jewish parents often teach their children the first investment lesson is to invest time.

They tell children, if they want to be rich, they must invest in something more valuable than gold and silver, which is time. Most people in the world want to become rich, but a lot of people don’t want to invest for the short term. They make excuses, I don’t have time, I’m very busy, I have to work… These common views and excuses are the reason why there are only a few rich people in the world.

To teach their children to manage their time effectively, Jewish parents first make their children understand 3 common knowledge. First, time is a consumable asset, secondly, there is heavy work, urgent work and leisurely work, thirdly, time has a categorical nature. Parents have a responsibility to teach children to allocate time according to the nature of things, to let them understand they need to do important things first, and set a fixed time each day to do long-term tasks.

Many people will think that letting your child shoulder some of the family’s plans only wastes his time, and even makes his brain tired because he has to manage time, why bother himself? But the more the Jewish tradition of family education wants to find such troubles, their concept of family education is to train a talented person to connect with society, not a scholar. Vocational students only know how to read books.

That’s why Jewish children know the value of time. You will be surprised when entering the room of a Jewish boy decorated with special features. On the bed, window curtains, clothes racks, cabinets, mirrors, walls… everywhere were covered with pieces of paper of all colors and styles. Above those pieces of paper write vocabulary and sentences often used in a certain foreign language. The boy didn’t want time to pass in vain, not even a minute. So before he closes his eyes to sleep, he silently reads the sticky note on the night of the bed, wakes up the next morning, puts on his clothes and reads the piece of paper on the wall, until he goes to wash his face, the paper on the mirror hits him again. its eyes.

Time management is fun, it can work wonders for a child’s development. Organizing and managing their time properly helps your child learn to work in an orderly manner, so that he or she knows how to allocate time, mind and energy to work effectively and solve problems. .

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