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IS attacks bloody in Afghanistan, more than 100 dead

The recent series of deadly attacks in Afghanistan have raised concerns about the potential resurgence of extremist groups, especially the Islamic State group, that could destabilize the region. and international.

IS has a bloody attack in Afghanistan, more than 100 people have died - 1

Delivering an ambulance to a victim of a terrorist attack carried out by IS-K. (Photo: AP)

The first explosion tore through a high school in Kabul, the Afghan capital, nearly two weeks ago, killing many students. Days later, explosions destroyed two mosques and a minibus in the north of the country. The following week, three other explosions targeted Shiites and Sufis. In particular, the bombing at the Khalifa Sahib Mosque in western Kabul during Friday prayers (April 29) killed 50 people.

A resident who witnessed the bombing said:The suicide bombing took place around 4pm inside the mosque. We want such explosions to be prevented, we want to see peace and security in our country and good governance, these are our demands. In fact, there were many people who were wounded and martyred, and all of them were taken to the hospital. May Almighty Allah bless them all.”.

Attacks over the past two weeks have left more than 100 people dead. By targeting civilians, Shiites and Sufis in recent weeks, the terrorists who have stirred fear in Afghanistan end the relative calm after the Taliban took power in August. 2021.

The Islamic State branch in Afghanistan, known as the Islamic State of Khorasan or IS-K, has claimed responsibility for four of the last seven major attacks. However, the attacks that have yet to be claimed by a single party reveal similar characteristics to previous attacks by the Islamic State in Afghanistan. This terrorist group has traditionally considered Shiites and Sufis to be heretics.

According to experts, the terrorist attacks carried out by IS-K are aimed at discrediting the Taliban government and undermining its legitimacy when the Taliban once claimed to restore peace and stability in the region. throughout Afghanistan after the US withdrawal. With the aforementioned attacks, IS-K also scuppered the Taliban’s claim that it had quelled any domestic threats from the Islamic State group. The terrorist group also raises concerns about the potential resurgence of extremist groups in Afghanistan that could ultimately pose an international threat.

A United Nations report released last month found that the Islamic State group has masterminded more than 80 percent of attacks since the Taliban took over Afghanistan.

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