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Mai Ngoc is elegant and graceful, Ngoc Trinh is powerful and temperamental

As two beauties who receive a lot of attention and love from the audience in the TV crew, Mai Ngoc and Ngoc Trinh are impressed by their confident, inspirational and extremely attractive lead. Not only that, these 2 editors are also very good fashion icons of Vietnamese television stations. Because of the different program content, Mai Ngoc and Ngoc Trinh’s fashion style on screen is also very different: elegant, feminine – luxurious and polite people. However, both styles are excellent, it’s worth it for office ladies to learn.

Mai Ngoc’s elegant and sophisticated fashion sense

As the beautiful BTV of the show Vietnam Today, Mai Ngoc reminds the audience of her with feminine, elegant and equally luxurious ”dresses”. The “most beautiful beauty of VTV” often chooses to appear on the air with gentle dresses to help exude the elegance of a woman. One of Mai Ngoc’s favorite dressing recipes is the way to mix silk shirts and long skirts. Office women who want to dress up as luxurious as Mai Ngoc, “pin” right away her series of suggestions for shopping.

And yet, the office sets are also an indispensable choice in her wardrobe. The clothes that Mai Ngoc chooses to buy often have a body-hugging design with a light waistline to both enhance the body’s soft curves and create comfort for the wearer. The female editor is also extremely good at mixing scarves to make the outfit look less monotonous.

It is known that most of Mai Ngoc’s leading dresses come from the brand she owns and cost in the range of 800k – 1000k. Those who like Mai Ngoc’s beautiful series of beautiful products can visit her fashion brand to choose the most suitable clothes for themselves.

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Ngoc Trinh has the standard power of ”boss woman”

Host of a series of financial programs including Financial Freedom – MoneyTalk and Secret Coins Therefore, Ngoc Trinh’s fashion is always polite, exuding intelligent and powerful beauty. Compared to Mai Ngoc’s stylish wardrobe, editor Ngoc Trinh is extremely passionate about menswear vest models with a modern and extremely luxurious spirit. Sisters who love this style of Ngoc Trinh can learn from her how to choose colorful vest models with a waistline to create accents for the outfit.

Not only the vest, but the shirt models selected by Ngoc Trinh also have unique highlights in the shoulder part to create a polite and neat appearance. Those who want to learn about Ngoc Trinh’s fashion sense of ”boss woman” can immediately refer to a series of similar suggestions below.

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Shopping suggestions:

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