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Marrying a rich man, the bride complained about “disillusionment”.

For many girls, getting married is a goal and criterion for them to choose a life partner. Whatever the case, economics is also very important. With the economy as the foundation, life is easy and happy. “Crying in a car is better than laughing on a motorbike” is that!

However, recently, a rich bride-to-be shared her dreamless experiences of being a rich bride.

Let’s talk about getting married to a rich man, with the reputation of the rich and famous but no piece.

1. The couple planning to have a baby spend a lot of money on health checks, shopping for baby clothes, and focusing on nourishing the pregnant mother. During this time, it was really difficult, but she did not receive any attention from her husband’s family even though her husband was an only son.

2. The story of buying things for the baby.

My husband and I are not so miserable, so we want to give the best for our children, choose things for them very carefully. Being told by my mother-in-law is a waste, while my grandmother can’t buy me a piece of toilet paper.

3. Money story.

The couple also have a surplus to win, but only use it when it is really necessary. Last month, my husband was late in salary, borrowed 2 million to help his mother-in-law to go to the wedding, exactly 2 days she demanded it back even though she knew her son was late in salary. Daughter-in-law is on maternity leave with no other income.

The story will have nothing to say if the husband’s family is in trouble, that 2 million for me and my wife when in need is a big number, but with the income of the husband’s parents, it is like a weekend outing.

I also don’t know what I did wrong to make my mother-in-law not love me, or she is thinking that I should bring the couple’s accumulated money to make my own or give it to my biological parents at home (my parents are poor farming, not subject to registration).

Disillusioned because of marrying a rich man, the bride lamented


4. The story of taking care of grandchildren.

Beside husband parent My aunts and sisters are all rich and love their bridesmaids, their aunts-in-laws because they are not convenient to take care of them, so they all buy their daughter-in-law a combo of postpartum care, people come to take care of mother and baby during confinement from A. to Z. My aunts also think I can do the same because compared to my aunt’s house, my husband’s family’s conditions are a bit better. When asked, her mother-in-law was like: “I take care of the baby very well, take good care of it, so let me take care of it”.

Knowing that I have no right to blame or ask for help from my husband’s family or anyone, I have to take care of myself, but as a family member, if I can help, I can help, but why be so stingy.

It’s better to spend it for me, they regret I didn’t say it, and this is their grandson. It’s really sad to think, people.

I got the reputation of wanting to get rich to marry, but it was only in the blanket that I knew the blanket had lice. My husband and I came together unconditionally, and did not put much emphasis on family background because I also came from a poor background.

It’s not my fault that my husband’s family is rich. Is it true that being poor means you have to leave your lover because you can’t register for him to be satisfied?”.

After reading the story, everyone feels that the most urgent thing to change is the mindset of the daughter-in-law. Perhaps, she expected too much, had the wrong idea, so she was disappointed when she returned to be a bride, unable to integrate.

Most of the problems raised by the daughter-in-law originate from giving birth and taking care of grandchildren. She wants her parents-in-law to be more responsible, but needs to be clear about the idea that she must be self-disciplined and proactive, not expecting help. She got married, not married to her mother-in-law, but wanted her mother-in-law to be like other people, to be like that just because her family situation was better.

Therefore, perhaps the daughter-in-law should change from her own thoughts and perceptions. Marry a rich man, not a rich man. Couples still have to be independent and build their own lives, not depending on their parents or someone else. Only when you do it yourself can you comfortably enjoy it without having to worry about it going back and forth. supply-gap-2022050312083964.chn

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