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Military expert: The West paved the way for Ukraine to attack Russia

Military expert: The West paved the way for Ukraine to attack Russia - Photo 1.

Fire at a military site in the Russian city of Belgorod. Photo: RT.

Major General Stolyarov cited the fact that at first the West supplied obsolete weapons to Ukraine, but recently the weapons they supply have become more and more modern and newer. He considers this a sign of danger for Russia.

“This weapon is not intended for defense, but is used against the Russian Federation – to attack Russia. This endangers us,” Stolyarov stressed – according to the Russian newspaper Pravda.

Stolyarov is certain that the West is currently pursuing a single goal: To force Kiev to launch a direct missile attack on Russia, as a response to its actions in Ukraine. The Major General is convinced that the West is directly interested in the escalation of the Ukrainian conflict.

“It is in the West’s favor and they are happy to rub their hands to make the conflict more urgent and acute,” the expert concluded.

The major general stated that the Kiev authorities are not thinking about the consequences of what is happening for Ukraine, but for the whole world. The expert is sure that the main goal of the West is to attack Russia with the help of Ukraine, “so that there is no trace of Russia left”.

The allegation was made in the context of a series of explosions on Russian soil. Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov of Belgorod region said a fire broke out on May 1 at a Russian military site in the Belgorod region, which borders Ukraine.

“A fire broke out on an area belonging to the Ministry of Defense,” Governor Gladkov wrote on social media. He later said one civilian was slightly injured.

Photos and videos posted on social media showed a large plume of smoke in the area.

Emergency services have been deployed to the area. In the middle of last week, on April 27, a fire broke out at an weapons depot also in Belgorod.

Russia accuses Ukraine of cross-border attacks on Russian soil. On April 1, Russian officials said that two Ukrainian helicopters fired missiles at an oil depot in Belgorod. Two weeks later, the village of Zhuravlevka was shelled, injuring two people, according to Gladkov.

Ukraine has so far denied responsibility for the attacks on Russian soil.

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