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Not strange to Vietnamese people

In folklore, mulberry is often used to soak in syrup or eat directly, which is very good for health. In addition to being a cooling drink in the summer, this is also a medicine that supports the treatment of many diseases.

According to Colonel, Healer Bui Hong Minh, Vice Chairman of Ba Dinh Oriental Medicine Association (Hanoi), mulberry tree is a familiar and popular plant in folklore. Mulberry tree named tang mulberry orange. Not only mulberry fruit, but all parts from roots, stems, leaves, even parasites, eating mulberry leaves like wasps, silkworms are also very good for health.

In traditional medicine Ripe berries have a sour taste, coldness enters the meridians, heart and kidneys, has the effect of tonic blood, generates new fluids, laxatives, increases the body’s health, sedation, good sleep, bright eyes, anti-aging. Treatment of anemia and joint pain.

Because ripe berries have the effect of entering the 2 meridians and kidneys, they are used to treat weak kidneys, anemia, body weakness, constipation, insomnia, premature graying of hair…

The fruit is considered a longevity medicine to help kidney health and sleep well: Not strange to Vietnamese people - Photo 1.

Ripe berries, illustration.

The herbalist said that mulberry fruit is often soaked in syrup to reduce thirst and cure constipation. Drink water Mulberry also helps the digestive system to be stimulated, eating more appetizing. Mulberry is also very good for people who have difficulty sleeping and insomnia because it contains active ingredients that help sleep better and deeper.

Silent mourning 20g, birth 20g. Deco with water, add sugar or honey to drink. Treatment of blood loss, neonatal deficiency constipation.

People with blood disorders, headache, flower eyes, little sleep, use mourning in combination with virgin virgins, drought and grassroots. The equal doses, grind into a fine powder mixed with honey pellets. Twice a day, 12g each time. Helps relieve headaches, cool flowers to sleep well.

In some places, people also cook high tea and use it to nourish the blood and laxative. Cure blood damage, weak liver and kidney, back pain and fatigue, numbness caused by blood and leprosy of the elderly, constipation.

Herbalist Bui added that mourning is also known as a fruit that prolongs youth. In ancient books, it is also recorded that the strawberry is also known as the fruit of longevity.

The way to use strawberries is a medicine for longevity, anti-aging as follows: Use dried ripe strawberries 20g (or fresh ripe strawberries 60g), goji berries 15g, decoction, drink once a day. Used for cases of blurred vision, vision loss, premature graying of hair and beard, enhancing blood and qi to help beautiful skin and sleep.

Some remedies from berries

– Cure forgetfulness, dizziness, joint pain, back pain, dizziness, weakness, constipation: Eating ripe mulberries regularly every day will reduce these symptoms.

– Cure anemia, cool the blood, nervousness and insomnia: 20g dried ripe berries (or 60g fresh ripe berries), 30g longan, boiled to get condensed water to drink once a day.

– Dry, broken, and gray hair: Strawberries, birth, 30g each; 15g white sugar. Crush the decoction and divide it into 10 drinks.

– Strawberry porridge: 40g ripe strawberry, 50g rice. Just enough sugar. Cooking liquid porridge in the morning (haven’t eaten, hungry) is very good for the elderly, weak and sick.

Cure indigestion, abdominal distention, brain yoke, breathlessness: 10g strawberry, 6g white truffle, excellent drink.

– Activate blood, nourish blood through menstruation, stop menstruation due to blood stasis: 15g strawberry, 3g persimmon, 13g blood millet, 1 teaspoon (15ml) of white wine. Put everything in the pot to cook to remove the residue. Day 1 ladder, drink for 5-7 days.

– Sweat a lot of theft: berries, five berries, each type 10g sharp until 1/2 – drink 1 time a day.

– Rheumatoid arthritis: 100g fresh strawberry, white wine (delicious rice or sticky rice). Strawberries are washed, pounded and packed in cloth bags, soaked in wine for 3-5 days. Drink 20-25ml each time.

Mulberry fruit has many effects on health, but according to physician Bui Hong Minh, people who are suffering from diarrhea, gastritis … should not eat much because mulberry has welding properties.


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