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President Putin issued a decree to retaliate against Western sanctions

Radio RT said the decree was published on the Kremlin website. Accordingly, Russia will protect its national interests and retaliate against the “unfriendly” actions of the US and its allies – accused of “violating international law, wanting to deprive Russia of property”. and Russian legal entities illegally”.

President Putin has given cabinet members 10 days to determine the list of individuals subject to economic sanctions from Moscow on the basis of the principle of “reciprocity”.

President Putin issued a decree to retaliate against Western sanctions - Photo 1.

President Putin speaks at a Legislative Council meeting in Saint Petersburg on April 27. Photo: Reuters

The new decree prohibits Russian government agencies, organizations and individuals from conducting transactions (including the conclusion of commercial contracts) with “blacklisted” legal entities, individuals and organizations. Russia also bans the export of products and raw materials to sanctioned countries.

In addition, Russian entities and individuals are prohibited from performing financial obligations and dealings with sanctioned companies and individuals.

Moscow’s retaliatory move comes after Washington and the European Union (EU) imposed an unprecedented number of rounds of tough economic sanctions on Russia over a “special military operation” that the country has launched. This was launched in Ukraine from February 24.

As a result, the assets of the Central Bank of Russia and many other organizations and businessmen were frozen abroad. At the same time, Moscow is cut off from the currency market dominated by the dollar and the euro. A series of foreign businesses also stopped doing business with Moscow.

Russia fires missiles at logistics center in Ukraine

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov said on May 3 that they had just released a video showing the Onyx supersonic cruise missile hitting a logistics center in the Odesa region of Ukraine.


Video of Russia firing missiles in Ukraine. Photo: Russian Ministry of Defense

“The Onyx missile with high precision hit the logistics center at the military airport in the Odesa region, where foreign weapons are delivered. There are Bayraktar TB2 unmanned aerial vehicles, missiles and ammunition. medicines provided by the US and European countries,” Konashenkov told reporters.

Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that the US and NATO should stop pouring weapons into Ukraine if they really want the conflict to end. He warned that these weapons could fall into the wrong hands.

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