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Princess Diana’s best friend revealed Meghan’s true self after a “fake” smile to the people

Royal biographer Tina Brown, who once had a close relationship with Princess Diana, recently revealed the shocking truth about her trip. Meghan Markle with her husband took place in October 2018.

At that time, when the Sussexes arrived in Australia, they were greeted by thousands of people gathered from all over the country. Crowds of fans wanted to see Harry and Meghan Markle in person.

At the time, the press and public went wild with the arrival of the Sussexes as they made a series of visits to Sydney, Melbourne, Dubbo and Queensland’s Fraser Island, as well as attending the Invictus Olympics.

Princess Diana's best friend unmasks the

Meghan Markle and her husband are warmly welcomed in Australia.

Despite being warmly received with the exciting journey, Ms. Tina stated that Meghan Markle really hated the trip instead of feeling excited and happy as it appeared on the outside.

You think Meghan must have been happy, right? No problem. She clearly hates every second of being there. Meghan didn’t understand why everything was arranged on such a schedule. Instead of feeling excited when thousands of people turned up at the Opera House to welcome the couple, Meghan thought: ‘What is the purpose of this trip? I don’t understand’“, a Palace employee revealed to biographer Tina Brown.

The person also said the Duchess of Sussex did not seem to grasp the “representative role” of the monarchy when they were on tour. Instead, Meghan Markle is only interested in how to stand out.

Tina Brown’s new statement is in line with what an article in The Times revealed last year, claiming Meghan Markle felt it was “silly” that people were crammed together just to see the Sussexes during their time. when they arrived in Sydney.

Meghan Markle considers fans ‘stupid’

Princess Diana's best friend unmasks the

Meghan Markle considers the crowd of fans “dumbs”.

‘What are they all doing here? It’s silly,’ Meghan told her staff“, said a source.

Harry and Meghan have done 75 activities in 16 days when they set foot in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga on their first trip as official working members of the royal family. During this trip, the couple is often seen talking intimately, hugging people and receiving many gifts from them.

According to Tina, Meghan Markle is said to feel that the royal family treats them unfairly. The Duchess considers their visit a great success, helping the monarchy shine but not being appreciated by the royal family.

Before the above statements, the British royal family and the Sussex family did not have any response.

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