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Putin launched retaliation against the West, Britain added military aid to Ukraine

According to documents published on the Government website Russiahis new decree Putin prohibits the conduct of transactions and fulfillment of obligations with respect to foreign individuals and entities sanctioned by Moscow, including the export of products and raw materials.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin. Photo: Reuters

The decree gives the Russian government 10 days to compile a list of sanctioned individuals and entities and enough time to outline “additional criteria” for the large number of transactions that could be restricted. . However, Russian authorities did not specify the names of the subjects included in the “black list”.

These are necessary measures to protect “Russian national interests”, the Kremlin explained. The decree will stay in effect until the US and other governments and international organizations stop imposing economic sanctions against Moscow.

According to Reuters, the announcement was made at a time when Europe is expected to deploy a sixth package of sanctions against Moscow for its military offensive in Ukraine, likely including a ban on buying Russian oil.

British Prime Minister announced a new military aid package for Kiev

thu tuong anh boris johnson phai phat bieu qua video truc tuyen truoc cac nha lap phap ukraine anh cnn 3902d6a4ad464633b3365b373f40ec8f
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (right) speaks via online video to Ukrainian lawmakers. Photo: CNN

Speech via online video to the National Assembly Ukraine On May 3, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson expressed confidence that the Eastern European country “will win” in the war against neighboring Russia.

According to CNN, Mr. Johnson also announced a new military aid package, worth $ 376 million for the Eastern European country.

“We in the UK will do all we can to hold Russia accountable for these war crimes. At this moment of uncertainty, rife with fear and doubt, I have a message. for you: Ukraine will win. Ukraine will be free,” quoted a statement from the British Prime Minister’s Office.

Mr Johnson also pledged to join other allies in transferring weapons, funding and carrying out humanitarian operations to Kiev to strengthen Ukraine, so that “no one can dare attack” the country once. again.

Russia begins shelling Azovstal steel plant

Russia’s troops have begun shelling and bombing the Azovstal steel plant in the southern Ukrainian port city of Mariupol, citing the Russian foreign ministry, RIA news agency quoted the Russian Foreign Ministry as saying, citing the Ukrainian military taking advantage of the ceasefire. here to open fire on the positions of the Moscow forces.

khoi den boc len cao tu khu vuc nha may thep azovstal o mariupol mien nam ukraine noi quan nga dang oanh tac du doi anh reuters 1e4a0170a6294a269cb4afedf4a0b793
Black smoke rises from the area of ​​the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol, southern Ukraine, where Russian troops are heavily bombarded. Photo: Reuters

“A ceasefire was declared, civilians were evacuated from Azovstal territory. Ukrainian servicemen and members of the Azov Regiment, who were holding onto the factory, took advantage of it. They came out of the basement, Currently, units of the Russian army and the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic are using artillery and air force to begin shelling them. this position,” said the Russian Defense Ministry.

Sviatoslav Palamar, commander of the Azov regiment inside the compound, confirmed they were being ambushed. The field hospital in the area was badly damaged and “doctors are performing the surgery in extremely difficult conditions and have to do everything they can”.

According to Palamar, about 200 civilians, including 20 children, are still trapped in the factory. Before that, on May 1, about 100 civilians were able to leave this place thanks to an evacuation process organized by the United Nations and the international Red Cross organization. However, there have been no new evacuations since then.

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ukraine noi day lui 12 cuoc tan cong phuong tay tin nga sap chinh thuc tuyen chien 497b7141b1dd41e6a43ad5523917e075

Ukraine says repelled 12 attacks, West believes Russia is about to officially declare warThe Ukrainian military claims to have repelled 12 attacks by Russian forces in the two eastern regions of Luhansk and Donetsk in the past 24 hours.
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