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Questions about the disciplines of ‘old wine in new bottles’

I researched two subjects with different names, but the program is 90% similar, so I don’t know what to choose, whether it’s ‘old wine in a new bottle’.

I have an interest in IC programming and IC design, and am looking for a university degree. I looked at the school framework program and found that there are two related majors: Computer Engineering and Electronics and Telecommunications. But I see that these two majors are not much different with 90% similar curriculum. The only difference is that Electronics and Telecommunications have no knowledge of 4G, 5G networks and Computer Engineering.

Looking at the benchmarks of these two industries, I see that Computer Engineering has a higher input than Electronics and telecommunications. Is it the school that opens more majors but just to increase the quota or not?

I am very confused as to which profession to choose for me. If really the two majors are not much different, why do students choose Computer Engineering more? Hope you guys can give me some advice.


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