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Read books to overcome negative emotions in daily life

When it comes to preparing for success in work and life, people often refer to the duo of professional knowledge tools and soft skills. But with Dr. Susan David, and the author of the book, book Overcoming emotional trapsthen being flexible in how to deal with the external world may not be enough, because each of us also possesses a rich inner world, and the complexity of that world has a strong impact on our health. your quality of life.

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Our emotions are not completely reliable

Sometimes, emotions are like a biological radar, helping us to identify the mixed truths and falsehoods in life. However, “there are times when emotions stir up old stories, causing our perception to be confused between what is happening now and painful experiences in the past,” Susan said. “These powerful emotions can completely overwhelm reason, cloud our judgment, and lead us straight to the reef’s waters.”

Our emotions are not always reliable is the core awareness we need to understand on our journey to overcome emotional traps, because the way we perceive emotions and “code” them into action is key. in solving the problems we face. As the author of the book The Scout Mindset“You only have to make a difficult decision about 1% of the time,” says Galef. How you behave 99% of the time is the most influential factor in the quality of decisions.

Susan David believes that the way we instinctively perceive and cope with emotions such as avoiding sadness or expecting joy are dangerous traps that keep us trapped in the arid desert of life. extreme and sad. Therefore, “stepping out and confronting reality requires us to acknowledge our thoughts without assuming that they reflect the truth”.

The map helps you turn danger into danger, turn negative emotions into positive energy

At the back of Overcoming emotional traps, the author introduces a set of tools and techniques to help readers find balance and peace despite facing the most uncomfortable emotions, thereby being able to enjoy more relationships, complete set goals and live a meaningful life. Although tools and techniques may sound dry, the way the author cleverly integrates interesting stories from ancient to modern times makes it difficult for readers to leave the pages halfway.

Also in the chapters on solutions, the author vividly explains how to turn danger into danger, turn negative emotions into a source of energy, creativity and understanding.

The author also does not forget to repeat again and again an essential point that we need to keep in mind, that no one is perfect and we do not need to work hard to achieve this vain goal. “Perfection is one-sided, unrealistic, and very boring. That’s why the most attractive main characters always have flaws or dark sides of the soul, and why truly charismatic villains always have enough humanity that we can somewhat empathize with them.” female author shared.

Overcoming emotional traps does not contain empty theories, because it is drawn from true stories, including from the author’s own life. Reading the book, readers will find a mention of Susan David’s personal emotional experiences during her adult years in South Africa, a country that experienced a sad period of history under the apartheid regime. This difficult emotional journey was also an important factor, prompting her to learn how to heal herself. The author believes that emotional flexibility will be a guideline for each person to quickly find their own dignity amidst the emotional storms that are just waiting to sweep away our reason.

Like a map that is both scientific and detailed, Overcoming emotional traps guides us all calmly through the negative emotions that arise in our daily lives, in our work, in our relationships and in our family life. This vivid map not only meticulously depicts the subtle traps in individual emotions, but also paints a complete picture of a modern society full of virtual and real pressure.

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