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Students spend the holidays studying for exams

In the past few holidays, NBT, a student of grade 11 at Lap Vo 1 High School (HCMC), played and studied at the same time to complete the content of the lesson assigned by the teacher. Two weeks after the break, T. will take the final exam of Term II.

“I still go out with my friends, but most of the holiday time, I spend studying for exams. On April 30, in the morning, I solve the homework assigned by the teacher. In the afternoon, I go out with friends to reduce costs. On May 1, I stayed at home all day to study and solve math problems by myself. T. told.

Students spend the holiday to study for exams - 1

Nguyen Thu Ha, a student of class 11D, Quang Trung High School for the Gifted (Binh Phuoc Province), took advantage of the holiday to review for the final exam of the second semester. (Photo: Nguyen Hang)

Worry about studying for the final exam of the second semester

Share with Zing, T. said that every week, he studied the main course for 6 days. In addition, female students also have extra classes. T. was hoping to have a perfect holiday with family and friends. But because of the upcoming final exam schedule of the second semester, the female students have to study and play in a nervous mood.

“Teachers take advantage of the holiday to review for us for the final exam. It’s a good thing. But I feel sad when I have to do homework during the holiday. On weekdays, we study a lot, vacation is no exception. The pressure to study during the holidays is huge.”T. said.

Two days before the holiday, NHYN, an 11th grader at a school in Ho Chi Minh City, also received a notice of the exam schedule at the end of the second semester. The female student was disappointed that the plan to rest with her family could not be fulfilled. N. worried and pressured because he didn’t know how to review during this time.

“Initially, most schools planned to have a one-week holiday to hold the second semester exam, but in the end they switched to right after the holiday. This prevented us from having a full holiday, but only using the days that were supposed to be. Take this break to quickly review for the final exam”, N. said.

During the holiday, every day, N. also reviews from 7am until late, when he can’t study anymore. Many times, N. did not have time to eat and drink to ensure the review progress. Seeing everyone around going to the festival, N. felt sorry for himself. The female student believes that if the final exam schedule for the second semester is delayed, students will have more time to review and get good results.

In the same situation, Nguyen Thu Ha, a student of class 11D, Quang Trung High School for the Gifted (Binh Phuoc Province), also received the notice of the final exam of the second semester on May 9, after a 6-day break. Taking advantage of the break, Ha arranges to review the subjects.

In the morning, female students study Literature, History, Geography or memorize English vocabulary. In the afternoon, Ha consults online to learn the knowledge of Math, Physics, Chemistry, then practice by doing exercises. Rare free time during the day, Ha watches movies, listens to music.

“Not long after the holiday, I took the second semester exam, so I felt nervous and uncomfortable because I didn’t have much time to review. During the holiday, I studied continuously to prepare the necessary knowledge. the best. Holidays are not complete because they are worried about exams”, Ha said.

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In the morning, Ha studied Literature, History, and Geography every day. Photo: Nguyen Hang.

Preparation for the level transfer exam

The past holidays, the break time for GN – a 9th grader in Ho Chi Minh City – was from 30 minutes to an hour. Most of the time, female students study and do exercises, prepare knowledge for the upcoming 10th grade exam. Seeing people around him hanging out, GN felt even more pressured when he had to stay at home to study.

“I also want to go on holiday like everyone else, but I’m afraid that I won’t be able to study in time and lose to my friends. Pressure from my family makes me still try to continue studying during the holiday. This holiday is only different from normal days in that I still have some time. Rest time to eat and drink. In normal days, study time encroaches on play time”. GN shared.

With little free time, GN doesn’t hang out with friends much. Female students go to social networks to read information, text or listen to music, play games.

Similarly, Ngoc Huyen, a 9th grader at Nguyen Hien Secondary School, is about to enter the level transfer exam. Before the holiday, Huyen’s school accelerated the curriculum and gave the final exam for the second semester.

The holiday plan is detailed and specific by Huyen, both reviewing and having fun. On the two days of April 30 and May 1, female students took advantage of it to relax and rest after the last exam of the second semester. In the following days, Huyen continued to study. This is an important time during the 4 years of middle school, so Huyen tries to make a reasonable arrangement so as not to be distracted in her studies.

“I’m about to take the entrance exam, I’m not 100% ready but I will try harder. I don’t think I should spend all of my holiday time playing or thinking that studying during this period will not be effective. When I determined to study seriously, nothing can affect me.” Huyen said.

Students spend the holiday to study for exams - 3

Many students also take advantage of the holidays to review their knowledge. Photo: Nguyen Hang.

Accompany your child to study on holidays

After the holiday, Ms. Hang’s 5th grade daughter (Hai Duong province) will take the 6th grade entrance exam. Her daughter sets specific aspirations and goals for this exam. To achieve the best results, she and her daughter agreed not to go on holidays. Female parents arrange time for their children to study and play during this time.

“In the morning, I don’t study but go out to eat, drink and play. In the afternoon, I will study for 2-3 hours. In the evening, I study or go to grandparents’ house. When I copy the essay, I turn on music for my child. relax. Every 30-60 minutes, my child takes a break. I can tutor him in English, Math and Literature, so I always accompany him.” Ms. Hang said.

The female parent said that due to limited financial resources, the family did not go far. The whole family is at home together, but there are still fun activities for children to be psychologically comfortable. Occasionally, they go out to eat. In her free time, she lets her children do their homework instead of using computers and electronic devices.

“I don’t get bored when I have to study for the holidays because I have set a goal. I want to get into that school to have the opportunity to develop myself later. I also try to tutor him every day.” Ms. Hang said.

The female parent said that during the holidays, parents must try to balance their children’s study and play, cannot let children rest by playing games, watching computers, and TV continuously. Going out to play is also very expensive, so depending on the conditions of each family, parents can organize their children to have fun outside of school hours in different ways.

“Playing is a lifelong thing, learning and passing exams only have a short period of time, especially now that the exam is only 1-2 months away. We shouldn’t waste time. When the exam is over, children can play freely. roof. At that time, every day was a day off.” Hang shared.

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