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Surviving 7 days in the abyss by eating ferns and passionflower bulbs: Expert explanation

According to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Duy Thinh, former lecturer of the Institute of Food and Biotechnology, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, the fact that Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Lien (59 years old, in Hanoi) survived 7 days after falling into the abyss. is very lucky. However, it was even more fortunate that Ms. Lien was able to save herself by eating ferns and passionflower bulbs to maintain her life for a week.

“Ms. Lien must also be a person who understands the trees in the forest well, has good survival skills and is very lucky to choose edible plants to survive the day. Because if it’s another case, they don’t understand plants well, they are likely to eat poisonous plants that are dangerous to their lives.” Mr. Thinh commented.

Surviving 7 days in the abyss by eating ferns and passionflower bulbs: Expert explanation - 1

Mrs. Lien was lucky to escape death after 7 days falling into the abyss.

According to Mr. Thinh, the two types of fern or passionflower that Ms. Lien uses are non-toxic plants. In terms of nutrition both of the above plants do not bring any special nutritional value, only passionflower in the composition contains a very small amount of sedative, but not significant. Although they do not have much nutrition, these plants can be used as food to maintain life for a while.

“Not only ferns or passionflowers, there are many other plants in life that can be eaten. It’s just that people don’t use it as food because it’s hard to eat, has acrid taste, and has low nutritional value. For example, the leaves that are very familiar to us are banana leaves, or jackfruit leaves… are edible.” Mr. Thinh said.

Through the case of Ms. Lien, Assoc. deep forest, stuck in an elevator, fire or drowning…

Such courses are very important because they will help people know how to survive in the context of danger and harshness. With their understanding, people in this situation will know how to maintain life by finding water to drink, what plants can be eaten, how to keep the body from losing water, and how to protect the body against the environment. or call for help from others by…

“Overseas, many countries have already taught middle school and high school children these skills, but in our country, I have not seen much,” he said. Mr. Thinh said.

Therefore, this expert hopes that through Ms. Lien’s story, the authorities will pay more attention to instructing people and children about survival skills in similar cases to keep them safe. save your life while waiting for someone else to help.

Previously, Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Lien went to Yen Tu pagoda and unfortunately fell and fell into the abyss at Dong pagoda area since April 27. After 7 days of the accident, on May 3, she was successfully rescued by rescue workers.

According to Mr. Le Tien Dung, Head of Yen Tu National Forest and Monuments Management Board, Ms. Lien went to get medicine in Ha Long City (Quang Ninh), then turned to Yen Tu. “Mrs. Lien thought to go to the mountain to worship quickly and then return, but unfortunately, her blood pressure dropped and fell down the cliff,” Mr. Dung shared.

At the time of April 27, the area of ​​Dong Pagoda (Yen Tu) was foggy and windy, walking 10 meters apart, it was almost impossible to see each other. Ms. Lien sat near the railing area, when she stood up, she was stunned and fell down the cliff.

Mr. Dung said, fortunately, the area where Ms. Lien fell was covered with ferns and soft-bodied trees. When she fell down the cliff, Ms. Lien carried a pack of half-eaten burnt rice and half a bottle of water. Up to today, after 1 week, there is still a piece of burnt rice in Mrs. Lien’s body.

She said, every day, she only eats a little bit of elderberry, in addition to eating the tops of ferns and passionflowers found when digging around.

After being rescued, Ms. Lien is in stable health, only suffering from scratches. Staff of Yen Tu National Forest and Monuments Management Board also gave first aid and gave Ms. Lien medicine to restore her health. Currently, Ms. Lien is being brought home by the leader of Yen Tu National Forest and Monuments Management Board in Hanoi.

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