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‘Thank you for betraying, let me find my own happiness’

In college, although the two of them, like other couples, sometimes quarreled because Chen Chien was addicted to games, but with the tolerance and tolerance of Giang Linh, the two spent 4 good years.

After graduation, Giang Linh brought Tran Chien to meet his parents. The two families quickly determined the wedding date. Tran Chien and Giang Linh entered the marriage in the blessing of everyone.

When they first got married, the two of them cuddled together all day. But before the one-year wedding anniversary, Giang Linh saw that Chen Chien seemed to be a different person. He became more and more indifferent to her, and began to dislike the food she cooked, always coming home at dawn.

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Giang Linh suspects that Chen Chien has someone outside, so she checks her husband’s phone and discovers that Chen Chien is very close to a female colleague from the same company.

Giang Linh was very angry, she asked her husband: “Are you worthy of me? We have not been married for a year, you have done such a thing. How far have you two progressed?”.

Seeing that his wife had discovered his secret, Tran Chien breathed a sigh of relief: “Actually, I’ve regretted it for a long time. Because being with you for 4-5 years, I’m really tired. Going to school with you I’m better than me in grades, my salary is twice as high when I’m born I’m a man, do you know how stressed I am?

It wasn’t until he met her that he realized what a real man is. I don’t deserve you, don’t want to live under your light. Let’s get a divorce.” Then, Tran Chien took his coat and walked out.

Hearing Chen Chien’s answer, Giang Linh was very surprised. She couldn’t understand why Tran Chien felt so much pressure, she thought it was just an excuse. She wanted to question but could not convince herself to accept a person who wanted to betray this marriage, so she fell to her knees and cried.

After the divorce, Giang Linh thought: “No matter how old a man is, nothing is good for him forever. The same goes for a woman, no matter how good she is, in the eyes of a man she is bad. It’s just old stuff.”

Returning to her single life, Giang Linh devoted herself entirely to her work, and her salary also increased. Gradually, she became a strong woman, wearing a sturdy coat, fighting the cold of the world alone. Because according to her, as long as a woman works hard, she can live happily without a man.

But every time she came home at night, looking at the dimly lit room and the dining table the husband and wife used to eat together, she felt like something was missing in her heart. She felt the world was so quiet that it was scary, there was an indescribable sadness in her heart.

Sometimes, the reason we want to find our other half is because we need someone who can understand us, talk to us, do the things we like, and make us feel warm and satisfied.

Fate always favors those who work hard. Giang Linh met Vu, an equally excellent man, during a training session, and the two quickly fell in love, to the point of considering marriage.

At that time, Jiang Ling was a little worried. Anyway, Vu has never been married, she is afraid that his parents don’t like her. But when Vu told his parents about Jiang Ling’s divorce, they didn’t mind, and expressed that they really like this strong and hardworking girl.

Giang Linh once again entered the marriage. Unlike last time, she has a happier and warmer family, a husband who loves her more.

Many negative people think that once a woman is married, she should not choose a divorce. Some people even use their own experiences to warn others that it is difficult for divorced women to find a good home, and even if they are remarried, they will not be happy.

To think so is too arbitrary. For women who are still unhappy after remarrying, the reason is largely because they repeat the same mistakes before, because they have not learned from failed marriages, do not realize their mistakes. their mistake and choose to remarry just because of loneliness.

In fact, there are many women, like Giang Linh, who find a more suitable life partner after a failed marriage, and the two have joined hands for the happy second half of life.

Therefore, divorced women should not feel inferior, not to say give up on themselves, but be like Giang Linh – choose a way to improve yourself when you have not met the right person. When you meet the right person, gather your courage and accept the love in return.

When you put on a hard shell to hug someone, you can feel the same hard shell. Only when you believe in love again can love be found.

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