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The bitter land ‘stork’ tells the story of being overturned, cutting brokerage commissions

The story of homeowners shaking hands with guests to flip brokers is not common, but it still happens, causing many “storks” to swallow bitterly.

Mr. Tran Dang Duy in Phuong Liet ward, Hoang Mai district, Hanoi, a broker real estate has many years of experience telling his story. According to Mr. Duy, during a long time of being separated because of the epidemic, there was no income due to the freezing of real estate, thousands of brokers had to quit and change jobs. He also fell into a deadlock. It was not until October 2021 that a house that he put up for sale to customers more than a year ago was asked by someone.

In 2020, this house with an area of ​​​​42m2, with a facade of 4m2, is for sale by the owner for 2.6 billion VND, approximately 62 million VND/m2. After a long time no one asked to buy, now the land has a fever, the owner increased the selling price to 4.1 billion dong, ie nearly 98 million dong/m2. Calculating, with 2% commission, if the transaction is successful, Mr. Duy will receive about 80 million VND.

After going to see the real thing, the customer liked the house very much because of its suitable area, the house was newly built less than 5 years ago, the car lane passed through, it was not covered, the southeast direction was cool, and they agreed to pay down. deposit now.

“The customer and the owner have closed the plan to buy and sell the house for 4 billion 50 million VND and signed a deposit contract of 50 million VND. I am very happy because after more than 2 years without any income, now I can introduce this house, so I have a significant amount of money.” Mr. Duy said.

However, only 2 days after signing the deposit contract, the landlord called to invite me to witness the cancellation of the deposit contract because the family changed plans and did not sell anymore.

“Listening to the call, I felt tinnitus, but when I saw them cancel the purchase and sale deposit contract, the owner withdrew 100 million, including 50 million in deposit and 50 million in fines for the buyer, I was even more distraught. . The buyer then withdrew 2 million dong, thanking him for leading the match. Mr. Duy added.

But it is worth noting that only after nearly a month of contract cancellation, a friend called to inform that the house had been sold. The buyer is none other than the person Mr. Duy led to. “I anxiously came to inquire about the root cause and was told, One week after canceling the contract, the old owner directly called the buyer to offer to sell directly without a broker to reduce the commission by 2%, equivalent to VND 81 million. Frustrated, I phoned the owner. After talking for a while, the new owner gave me 10 million to say thank you. Although I was upset, I couldn’t do anything because it had already happened anyway. So much effort to lead termites and take care of customers has been wasted.” Mr. Duy said.

Bitter land 'stork' tells the story of being overturned, cutting brokerage commission - 1

Many land storks earn hundreds of millions per month, but there are also storks that are overturned, cutting commissions. (Illustration)

Also citing his story, Mr. Nong Vinh Thuan, Nghia Do ward, Cau Giay, Hanoi said that because he was in need of buying, he was led by the stork to see the house for sale for 4 billion VND in the ward. Hoang Liet, Hoang Mai. Old 5-storey house, area 40m2, nice and satisfactory structure. After two visits, the two sides agreed on the price of 3.8 billion VND, and the broker received 2% of this amount, about 76 million VND.

Deposit contract of 100 million VND in accordance with the regulations provided by the broker, with all the terms and “if the seller does not agree to sell anymore, he must return to the buyer the deposit amount and a certain amount of compensation. or a contract penalty equivalent to a deposit”.

“The next day, the landlord called me urgently to say that the family was facing many unresolved difficulties so they could not sell the house, I hope I can understand and receive the deposit back.”Mr. Thuan said.

On time, the next day Mr. Thuan came, the landlord invited the broker to come along with a stranger who was introduced as a lawyer. Landlords and attorneys present legal difficulties. “Buying a house without a smooth start, I agree to cancel the deposit contract and not take the deposit according to the compensation clause in the deposit contract because the landlord asked for it due to objective difficulties and economic limitations.”

It is worth mentioning that two days later, the owner called Mr. Thuan to inform him that he had resolved the family conflicts, so he needed to sell the house, if Mr. Thuan bought it, the owner would give 1% less (ie about 38 million VND). ). On the other hand, because this time the owner contacted the customer directly, not through an agent, 2% should have given the broker time for the owner and the buyer to split. However, Mr. Thuan refused.

“If I accept the offer to buy that house, I will probably get a discount of nearly 40 million dong and the landlord will receive the same amount by bypassing the broker. But I didn’t because brokers also work and make a living from a legitimate % commission. If I flip the bet, what will they live for?”Mr. Thuan asked a question.

Mr. Nguyen Duc Thang, a longtime real estate broker in Hoang Mai and Thanh Xuan areas, said that not all land owners or buyers intend to shake hands to flip the deal and bypass the broker. Because, many homeowners want to sell quickly, in addition to the % commission, they also strongly reward the broker with 10-20 million, even higher if they introduce the buyer at the right time, at a good price.

“There are also many buyers who are also willing to pay the broker a few tens of millions of dong if they introduce them to a house with a beautiful location, suitable direction, suitable area and price.” Thang said.

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