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The case of Cao Bang police slapping women:

On the afternoon of May 3, talking to PV Infonet, Mr. D.N (who was threatened with arrest in the clip of the deputy police officer slapping the girl at the barbershop in Cao Bang City) said: “We have accepted to make peace with him. They already have no further comments.”

The case of the police in the middle of the night breaking into the house to slap women: Victims agree to reconcile and still handle it, do not cover!  - Photo 1.

The Deputy Chief of the Ward Police slapped the girl in the barber shop

Mr. D.K, the owner of the barbershop informed PV: “The police agency of Cao Bang city (Cao Bang province) has just come down to invite me to the police office to work. However, I don’t have time so I can’t go to work. My Facebook has just been “faded” (lost my Facebook account – PV).

Also on the afternoon of May 3, talking to PV Infonet about this incident, Colonel Nong Van Kien, Chief of Police of Cao Bang City (Cao Bang Province) said: “Even though the group of people (supposedly there is a Deputy Police Department) ward) slapped Ms. MK and begged the victims to be reconciled, the victims agreed to make peace, the police agency still handled it as usual, without hesitation. Where is the wrong to handle it, the point is not to cover up the mistake.”

The case of the police in the middle of the night breaking into the house to slap women: Victims agree to reconcile and still handle it, do not cover!  - Photo 2.

The image of the deputy chief of the ward police force pushing in front of the girl’s chest

When asked about the person wearing the uniform who dragged Mr. N into the car, accompanied by the deputy police officer of the ward, the leader of Cao Bang City Police said: “Everything the police agency is doing, it is impossible to confirm. determine whether the person is a police officer or not. The case is being investigated and clarified and will be handled strictly in accordance with the law.”

Previously, talking to PV Infonet, Mr. D.K (25 years old, owner of a barber shop in De Tham ward) said that the incident happened on the evening of April 28. According to Mr. K, that night, he invited some friends to the house to eat and drink, including Ms. MK and her boyfriend, Mr. D.N.

While eating (about 22:00 on April 28), Ms. MK saw a doctor (formerly with gynecological examination) calling and told to come to the clinic. It was late, so Mr. N (Ms. MK’s lover) took MK’s phone to listen and talk to the other doctor.

”That doctor asked ”where are you”, I told the address of my barber shop. After a few minutes, the other doctor went by car with two other people to my barber shop”, Mr. K. said.

According to the image from the clip, Mr. K. said that the person wearing the blue shirt was a doctor, one was wearing a police uniform but there was no nameplate, the other was an elderly person wearing white clothes.

“They demanded to arrest Mr. N. The person wearing a police uniform knocked Mr. N., and the person wearing white clothes beat and slapped Ms. MK.

Moments later, a police officer of De Tham ward came to the scene, the other group was still there. De Tham ward police only worked with our group, while the other three left,” the barber shop owner continued.

Mr. D.K further information, the very next day (April 29), the other doctor’s group contacted, went back to see Ms. MK and asked to be reconciled at the De Tham ward police headquarters.

”During the conversation asking for reconciliation, the deputy head of the ward police station (white shirt in the clip, having the act of slapping a woman) and the other doctor said ”that day the uncles drank alcohol, so they were like so ”, then apologized to Ms. MK and Mr. N”, Mr. K. shared.

On the afternoon of May 3, talking about this incident, Colonel Vu Hong Quang, Director of Cao Bang Provincial Police said: “As soon as I heard about the incident, it was determined that the person wearing white clothes who beat Ms. Song Bang ward police chief, the police agency temporarily suspended this officer to verify and clarify the case. The authorities have not received a denunciation or complaint from the victim.”

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