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The powerful Qin state, why did it last only 15 years?

Since the application of the “Transform of Shang Yang”, the state of Qin has never stopped conquests, especially during the reign of King Qin Zhaoxiang. General Bach Khoi alone was enough to frighten 6 countries, especially the battle of Truong Binh who buried 40,000 soldiers and soldiers of Trieu state alive. Indeed, it was rare for a general to kill so many enemies in the past.

By the time of Qin Shi Huang, the Qin state took advantage of its strength like splitting bamboo, destroying 6 countries in turn, ending the situation of vassals, fulfilling their desire to unify the world.

However, from the time when Qin Shi Huang was unified until after the collapse of the Qin Dynasty, it lasted only 15 years.

The Qin state did a lot of hard work such as destroying 6 countries, why did it fall into ruin so quickly after the founding of the dynasty?

In fact, when we seriously rearrange the problem, we will find that the cause of the collapse of the Qin Dynasty is related to the following 3 points.

First, the ideology of national governance is wrong

The Qin Dynasty ruled the country with the legalist ideology, which easily fell to the extreme, often using some extremely violent methods to conduct its rule.

In Legalist thought, they believe that only weak people can promote the rule of law better, from which appeared the concept “People don’t need love, tax doesn’t need light”.

If in the Qin period when the 6 countries were unified, perhaps the Legalist ideology would still have a positive effect, but after the unification, it would still continue to use the Legalist ideology, there would be huge shortcomings.

Destroying 6 countries with outstanding potential, why have they ruled for 15 years, the Qin state has perished?  - Photo 1.

Portrait painting of Qin Shi Huang. Photo: Sohu

Whenever people make a little mistake, it turns out that “all must be killed”, the whole family has to bear the penalty of contagion. In the long run, no one can withstand such punishment.

This will obviously make people everywhere dissatisfied, even if they don’t dare to say it openly, it will definitely generate hatred in their hearts.

That was one of the important reasons why later Tran Thang and Ngo Quang were able to successfully attract a force of peasant uprisings.

Second, brutal rule

To build his royal mausoleum, Tan Thuy Hoang did not hesitate to mobilize tens of thousands of workers across the country, causing many families to lose young healthy workers.

Moreover, Tan Thuy Hoang also overhauled the palace A Phong to satisfy his enjoyment needs, also causing suffering for the people.

In addition, the huge amount of money needed is also exploited from the people. With such a brutal policy, how can people across the country still have a way to live?

At the same time, to unify ideology, Qin Shi Huang even burned books to bury Confucianism. This has greatly hindered the development of social culture, and at the same time ended the right to comment on other ideas.

Although the people’s ideology was unified in form, the people’s hearts were against it, especially the intellectuals at that time. They were indeed completely disappointed by the rule of the Qin Dynasty, just hoping that the Qin Dynasty would soon perish.

Third, cultural differences

The culture of Qin and the other six countries is completely different. After the Qin state unified China, the emperor still ruled in the same way as before.

This has brought a crisis to the people of 6 old countries, their familiar cultural institutions have been eliminated, and replaced by a completely new social institution.

This makes it very difficult for people to adapt in a short time, especially to the harsh laws of the Qin Dynasty, causing very deep trauma to the people.

In addition, people also have to endure the pain of the labor regime to build works such as the Great Wall and Le Son Tomb. This makes people even more resistant.

Over time, the suppressed emotion will eventually explode, once unleashed, the consequences are difficult to imagine. This is the reason why the Qin Dynasty fell into the hands of Qin Nhi The less than two years and was overthrown.

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