The truck lost its brakes and narrowly avoided the school bus carrying students

AmericaThe truck driver drove quickly to avoid both a school bus and a few cars coming from the opposite direction, on April 19 in Montville, Ohio.

The truck lost its brakes narrowly avoiding the school bus carrying students

Video: Montville Police Department

Montville police released video from various cameras, showing the terrifying scene when a tractor-trailer lost its brakes and right in front of it was a school bus stopped by the side of the road.

From the video on the trailer, the driver can be clearly heard shouting “Stop, stop! No!” when he realized the brakes wouldn’t work while approaching the school bus. He then honked his horn repeatedly in an attempt to warn the bus driver and other drivers who were Stop the bus as required by law.

An SUV right behind the bus quickly pulled to the edge of the road, while a pickup truck in the opposite lane also quickly backed up and hit the vehicle behind, trying to make more room for the tractor to pass.

On the bus, a woman exclaimed: “My God, he can’t do it!” when he heard the truck approaching.

But the truck driver made it. The quick steering stroke helped the tractor-trailer glide into the opposite lane and then squeeze through the gap just enough, avoiding both the bus and the cars coming from the opposite direction.

“He said he was trying to stop. He realized he couldn’t brake and started shifting, honking, flashing his lights and everything he could to warn people,” police said.

In about 15 seconds, this driver managed to steer the 36-ton truck away from everything on a stretch of road full of obstacles without brakes, without hitting anything and without injuring anyone, according to the comment. of the police chief.

The truck only stopped about 400 meters away. Ohio Highway Patrol is investigating the incident, focusing on vehicle maintenance and inspection.

“Thanks to the professional and quick response of the truck driver, what could have been a serious crisis was avoided and many lives were saved,” police wrote.

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