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The victims agreed to make peace, but the police still handled it

On the afternoon of May 3, Mr. D.N (who was arrested in the clip spread on social networks) informed PV that he and his girlfriend had previously accepted reconciliation, so there was no further comment.

Mr. D.N does not understand why the barber shop owner posted a clip about the incident on social networks. Mr. N said, because he was busy, he could not answer specifically about the case.

Also this afternoon, Mr. D.K. (who uploaded the clip) said that Cao Bang City Police invited him to work. However, due to being busy, he could not come to work. And K.’s Facebook has been hacked.

Regarding the incident, the leader of Cao Bang City Police (Cao Bang province) said: Although the group of people believed to be the deputy police of the ward slapping Ms. M. K had asked the victims to be reconciled, the victims had If you agree to make peace, the police agency will still handle it. Where is the wrong to handle there, the point is not to cover up the mistake.

Colonel Vu Hong Quang – Director of Cao Bang Provincial Police also issued a decision to temporarily suspend work with Deputy Chief of Police of Song Bang Ward for verification.

According to Colonel Quang, at the time of the incident, the officers present in the clip were dealing with personal matters, not on duty. The case is currently assigned to Cao Bang City Police to focus on verifying and handling.

Before that, Mr. D.K (25 years old, owner of a barber shop in De Tham ward, Cao Bang city) invited some friends to his house for dinner on the evening of April 28, including Ms. MK and her boyfriend, Mr. D.N.

At more than 10 pm on the same day, a man called MK (the girl in the brown pajamas in the clip) telling him to go to the clinic where she had previously had a gynecological examination for a doctor’s examination.

At this time, the boyfriend accompanying K. is D.N. I found it unusual, so I picked up the phone to talk. During the conversation, between D.N. and the man on the other end of the line got into an argument.

Then, the man asked N. where he was, he read the address at your hair salon. A few minutes later, a man on a Honda Airblade motorcycle came and then three people in a car. Since these people arrived, they have all been covered by the security camera of Mr. Kh’s house. record.

“It’s just that someone called K. told him to come to the doctor late at night and then it happened loudly and the other people came to the shop, but there was no hatred for each other before…”, Mr. Kh. confirm.

Mr. Kh. At the end of the clip, two people wearing police uniforms appear, these people are local police coming to ensure security and order and have nothing to do with the group of people in 7-seater cars.

The owner of the hairdresser also confirmed that 3 people came from the car and intended to arrest D.N. absolutely did not give documents, arrest warrants or reasons why people were arrested. 20220503185919882.htm

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