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U23 Vietnam practice behind closed doors Indonesia to launch SEA Games 31

Coach Park Hang Seo asked Vietnam U23’s training session to be completely closed at a very ‘sensitive’ time before the opening match of the 31st SEA Games.

During the afternoon practice session of 3/5 of U23 Vietnam, Many security staff of the SEA Games BTC were mobilized on duty, to ensure that the training session of Park Hang Seo’s teachers and students did not get ‘outed’.

Even the media are not allowed to operate in this afternoon’s training session. It seems that Coach Park Hang Seo is checking the personnel framework for the last time, in addition to fighting for U23 Vietnam before the opening match against U23 Indonesia.

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Coach Park Hang Seo does not want U23 Vietnam to be exposed

The caution of Coach Park Hang Seo is not superfluous because the Viet Tri training ground has many gaps. In previous training sessions, fans could stand outside to watch.

While U23 Vietnam kept the training session private, the teams in Group A also did the same. U23 Myanmar after the first training session only allowed the press to operate for 15 minutes, the next sessions were completely closed.

U23 Indonesia, after arriving at Viet Tri on the afternoon of May 3, also practiced lightly at the hotel premises. This team is expected to have a training session at Tam Nong Stadium (25km from Viet Tri) and a practice session to get used to the official field.

On May 5, during the technical meeting before the tournament, the teams officially closed the list of 20 players registered with BTC. SEA Games 31.


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