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Urgent arrest of a group of murderers and gunmen fighting against the police in Dong Nai

The group of subjects who committed murder and then hid in Dong Nai, when being surrounded by the police, tried to pull out a gun to fight back to escape.

Information from Dong Nai Provincial Police this afternoon (May 3) said that the force of the Criminal Police Department of Dong Nai Province Police has just coordinated with the Criminal Police Department (Ministry of Public Security) and Yen Provincial Public Security. Bai urgently arrested a group of people wanted for illegal trading in narcotics, using a particularly dangerous military gun to cause a murder in Yen Bai province and then fleeing.

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Guns and ammunition of the subjects were seized by the police – Photo: CACC

The arrested subjects include Hoang Ngoc Man (SN 1986), Nguyen Van Trong (SN 1999, same hometown Thai Nguyen) and Pham Van Dong (SN 1988, hometown Nghe An).

Among these, Hoang Ngoc Man is the subject of a special wanted by the Criminal Investigation Department of the Ministry of Public Security for illegal drug trafficking at the end of 2021. However, this subject fled and then with Trong and Dong used it. Guns killed people in Yen Bai province on April 14, then fled to Dong Nai.

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Subject Dong at the investigation agency. Photo: CACC
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Weight Objects

By professional measures, on the morning of May 3, the police force broke into a car wash in Quang Vinh ward (Bien Hoa city, Dong Nai province) to urgently arrest Hoang Ngoc Man while he was hiding here.

Discovering the police, Man was about to pull out a gun to fight back but was restrained and arrested with the evidence of a loaded gun and dozens of other bullets in his bag.

At the same time, the police also urgently arrested Nguyen Van Trong and Pham Van Dong when the subjects were hiding at a house on the street in Thong Nhat ward, Bien Hoa city.

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