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What makes your husband want to go home?

03/05/2022 16:23 GMT+7

I have witnessed many women struggling to keep their husbands, trying all kinds of ways to make him want to return home.

I happened to read a guy’s Facebook status. He wrote it simply, which I remember forever.

He wrote about being busy with work, so he didn’t come home late at night. When he entered, he saw the image of his wife sitting with her child studying, and although his wife was very tired, had to lecture a lot for the children, but did not scold but still patiently cooed. For him, it was a favorite and warm scene. The feeling he felt when recounting, a stranger like me also felt.

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No one wants to go to a house with a heavy-faced woman (Illustrated image – SHUTTERSTOCK)

I have witnessed many women struggling to keep their husbands, trying all kinds of ways to make him want to return home. They may run to bed classes to pamper their husbands, try to look more attractive, tidy up the house, food, etc. to turn the house into a place where they can compete with the drinking table, with other environments. outside.

But when they tried to make a lot of sacrifices, but their husbands were still late, they immediately shouted: “Don’t you see how hard I tried?”.

A friend of mine once said: “The most frightening thing is when my wife comes home late, she has already cooked a delicious meal and waits. At that time, his wife’s eyes were shaped like bullets and she could jump like a Ha Dong lion.”

He said, it is better for his wife to wait for him with a bowl of instant noodles and a peaceful face than a tray of rice that is cursed and slapped to the point of being unable to swallow. He always felt that the more his wife tried to pamper him and take care of him to ask him to be kind in return, the more he felt shy and felt like a burden. Home is no longer a comfortable place for him to want to return to.

In fact, if asked the question: “What makes you want to go home the most?”, many people answer that they want to go back to rest, want to find peace. Perhaps, every wife knows this answer by heart. But the way to do it is quite different. There are people who create an awkward state of peace – like my friend’s wife with a decent plate of rice – because they don’t know that true peace is when their hearts also have to feel at peace. There are many fears and low self-esteem inside, so they push themselves to be recognized, expect attention in return.

It is the state of doing things only towards expectations and results, but without that observation and understanding, it inadvertently creates pressures that make both parties tired. Meanwhile, the naturalness and comfort is what needs to be fostered. The wife at the beginning of the article, although she also worked very hard, did not scold her husband when he returned late, and did not vent her anger on her children. In such circumstances, how easy is it for a wife to remain calm to teach her children? Often seen is a scene of a frenzied wife interrogating and calling her husband continuously.

I don’t mean to disparage or judge any wife, I just want to say: A house is like a relationship. In order for a man to want to go home, or want to stay in that relationship, a woman actually doesn’t have to learn skills to pamper her husband, but just needs to learn things to make herself better, to be surrounded by someone. gentle and peaceful energy. Feeling peaceful is sometimes the greatest charm. Therefore, there are women who do not cook, spend time watching movies, wearing masks when their husband is absent, which is more attractive than a wife who spends the evening cooking rice and is surprised when her husband comes home late.

Everyone knows the story of the man who planted a tree in front of his house. Every time he reached the door, he would touch that tree and tell himself that he would leave all his frustrations and sorrows behind the door.

Every family’s life will have its own fatigue and contradictions, but perhaps if we stop to give each other some breathing space by touching a tree or any other “mantra place” in the house, we will You will feel softer. When home is a peaceful place, everyone wants to go home.


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