Why are anime adaptations of popular games so bad?

There have been many anime video game adaptations of the past few decades. Sometimes they are created to promote a new game and there are also games that fans are looking forward to in an attractive anime. There are a lot of movies that are still being produced every year as adaptations from epilogue, prequel, side story or even side stories.

This year alone has seen the release of the second Sonic film, the announcement of anime adaptations of Nier Automata and Twisted Wonderland, and the release of Petite Sekai based on characters from the series. game title Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage.

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However, while there are plenty of adaptations made, very few of them are considered good compared to how compelling the storylines in the titles are. So what is it about video games that makes it difficult for them to be successfully adapted into anime?

A lot of anime adaptations of video games have only decent animation or higher. Although very popular, both the anime adaptations of Persona 4 and Persona 5 were not appreciated in terms of visuals. Only Persona 3 avoids this problem when it has its own anime movie.

This is because anime movies usually take more money and time to produce, allowing more time to carefully check the shaping part. The anime adaptations of the Persona games aren’t the only ones to suffer from this, either. Anime Ace Attorney was also hated by fans because the animation was too bad compared to the original game.

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Bad animation can be caused by a variety of factors, from poor scheduling and budgeting issues to the film itself simply being seen as a very long and expensive trailer for the original game. Tales of Zestiria the X for example has absolutely stunning animations but The plot is very bad.

Almost plot in the Video games are very long. Anime these days often last from 12 – 26 episodes and This time is not enough to adapt a game with such a complicated and lengthy plot. Therefore, the anime version adapted from the game often cut out parts of the story to fit number of episodesleaving only the parts deemed most important to the plot.

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This often leads to a lot of important details being left out, whether it’s the plot, additional lore information, or something in the character development ring. Cutting out some of these important details tends to lead to adaptations that don’t stick to the content of the games. Some adaptations even go so far as to completely rewrite the story, to the point where the characters appear to be completely different people from their game counterparts.

Tales of Zestiria the X is one of the prime examples of this trend in recent years. Much of the anime’s length focuses on two characters, Alisha and Rose, ignoring both the main character and the supporting cast.

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Anime Pokemon is an interesting case when it comes to success as it is not a direct adaptation of the game. By acting as an indie series that includes elements of the game, production team didn’t feel pressured to include all the necessary story elements included in the game, and fans weren’t expecting that. As a series geared towards kids, it’s also not expected to feature outstanding animation, although it does have moments Memorable.

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