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“Why is it called “VIETNAM DONG” but not “VIETNAM DONG”?

When talking about the currency of Vietnam, people often call it “Vietnam Dong”. However, when talking about other countries’ currencies, people have a way of calling it “US Dollar”, “Russian Ruble”, “Thai Bath”. There are also some use cases for “Vietnamese Dong” but not as common as “Vietnamese Dong”.

To learn about this calling, first of all, we need to understand why people call it “US Dollar”, “British Pound”, “Thai Bath”, etc. Regarding “Dollar”, the answer is already too obvious. clear. Because many countries use the same currency as “Dollar”, people need to add the country name later to distinguish it, such as US Dollar, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, etc.

As for other names such as “Russian ruble”, “Thai Bath”, the reason is that in the past, these currencies were quite unfamiliar to Vietnamese people. If we only say the currency unit, it is difficult for Vietnamese people to know which country’s money it is. Because of this, for convenience, people have added the name of the country after the unit of money that the country uses.

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The order of adding such is completely reasonable because according to Vietnamese regulations, the rear part is responsible for clarifying the meaning for the front part. For example, in the phrase “Director of Company A”, “Company A” clarifies the meaning of the word “Director”. Similar to the word “Bath Thai”, the word “Thai” clarifies the meaning of the word “Bath”.

However, with “copper” it is different. This unit is the currency of the Vietnamese people, which has been close for a long time. Just say “500 dong” and everyone understands “500 dong”. If it is a foreign currency, another unit must be added, such as “500 dollars”. However, this expression is quite rare. Because there is no need to clarify the origin like the currency of other countries, the Vietnamese only use “dong” instead of “Vietnamese dong”.

As time goes on, due to the development of many fields such as: Economy, communication, etc., currency symbols such as USD, JPY, VND, etc. have gradually become familiar to Vietnamese people. These symbols are all based on the English reading, such as: USD is US Dollar, JPY is JaPan Yen, VND is Viet Nam Dong.

US Dolla, JPY is JaPan Yen, etc. are all words that need to be translated to understand, so one has to apply the old way of calling it “US Dollar, Japanese Yen. However, the word “Viet Nam Dong” does not need to be translated. That’s why people casually use the word “Vietnam Dong” when referring to the Vietnamese currency unit in a formal way.

In short, the reason why the usage of “Vietnamese Dong” is rarely used is because Vietnamese people do not have the need to clarify the origin of this currency unit like other units. However, over time, due to the influence of English, especially from currency symbols, in formal documents, people began to use the phrase “Vietnam Dong”. squishy

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