Wrong information on CCCD card with chip, citizens need to take the following steps

1. The CCCD card with the wrong chip recording information, what to do?

According to Article 23 of the Law on Citizen’s Identity 2014, CCCD cards are changed when citizens are full 25 years old, full 40 years old and full 60 years old; damaged card unusable; change information about last name, middle name, first name; identity characteristics.

In addition, people will also be changed in the case of gender reassignment, hometown; There is an error in the information on the CCCD card or when the citizen requests it.

Thus, when it is discovered that the information on the CCCD card has an error, people have the right to request the replacement of the CCCD card.

2. Procedure to change CCCD card with chip with incorrect information

Pursuant to Circular 59/2021/TT-BCA, the procedure for changing CCCD card is as follows:

Step 1: Go to the police station to request a CCCD card change

Citizens go to the competent police agency to receive the request to change the CCCD card where the citizen permanently or temporarily resides to request a CCCD card.

Step 2: Get citizen information

Police officers where the request for change of CCCD card is received will receive citizen information:

– Searching for citizen information in the national population database.

– Selection of the level type and description of the identity; fingerprint acquisition.

– Take portrait photos.

– Print the citizen identification information receipt, population information collection form (if any), population information update and correction form (if any) for citizens to check, sign and write their full name. .

– Collect fees according to regulations; issue an appointment to return the settlement result.

Step 3: Record CCCD in use

Step 4: Return the CCCD card change result

In case a citizen registers to return a CCCD card with a chip attached to the address as requested, the police agency shall make a list, coordinate with the delivery service provider to perform it and the citizen must pay the prescribed fee.

3. How much does it cost to change CCCD card with chip?

According to Circular 59/2019/TT-BTC, if the CCCD card has errors in the information on the card due to the fault of the CCCD management agency, people do not have to pay the fee. If the error is caused by people’s fault, the fee for changing the card is 50,000 VND/CCCD card.

4. Some common problems after receiving CCCD card

4.1. The QR code of the CCCD card does not contain the 9-digit ID number

In case the QR code of the CCCD card does not contain a 9-digit identity card number, citizens can fix it in 2 ways. Citizens can still use the certificate of ID number to perform transactions and procedures. In addition, citizens can contact the Police Department where the procedures for granting CCCD have been carried out to supplement and update information.

4.2. The CCCD number does not match the information on other documents

Changing from a 9-digit ID card to a CCCD will change the number on the card and relate to almost all of the citizens’ personal papers. Therefore, when changing to CCCD, citizens must amend/update some of the following documents:

– Update information on social insurance and health insurance cards;

– Amendment of passport;

– Update bank account information;

– Change tax registration information.

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