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Your wickedness makes me have no regrets

After 12 years with you, I chose that woman. Just because of his selfishness and lust, he left his wife and extended family.

Thank you for your cruelty, the person I once called my husband, so that now I have no regrets. How much effort to preserve and nurture, I did my best.

Thank you for “picking” me out of my life. Men who cheat are not too bad, but having an affair and abandoning the family to run after their mistress is too bad. Men include those two things, but also collude with their mistress to leave his wife, go home to torment his wife, but automatically give up so as not to affect his reputation, which is not only bad, but also stupid and cowardly. Live in life, do whatever you want, but please keep the so-called human values.

I once asked you: Do you want two wives? Excuse me, you come to me, I’m sorry to leave. Thank you for giving me a very warm second family, where my parents, brothers and sisters love me very much. It will always be my family, only you are not. In this life, I don’t hate you, but I can’t forgive you either.

>> My husband left my parents and children to follow her

To the third person: You go back and forth with a married man and still challenge me? I don’t touch you because I’m afraid, I just pity you. Where is my worth? I won this man, can I keep him forever? The family that her husband can still leave, can also leave me one day not far away to pair up with someone else. What do I have then?


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