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24h News: Revealing the cruel behavior of the girl who abused a girl in Binh Thanh to death

The People’s Procuracy of Ho Chi Minh City said it had completed the indictment against Nguyen Vo Quynh Trang (SN 1995, Gia Lai hometown) for “murder” and “torture of others”.

Nguyen Vo Quynh Trang was charged with points b, n, q, clause 1, article 123 of “Murder” and point a, clause 2, article 140 of “torture of others”. For the crime of “Murder”, Nguyen Vo Quynh Trang faces a sentence of up to death.

Related to the case, Nguyen Kim Trung Thai (SN 1985, living in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City – Trang’s lover) was also prosecuted for two crimes of “Torturing others” and “Concealing crimes”. The victim in the case is NTVA’s nephew (SN 2013, Thai’s biological son).

Cruel behavior

According to the indictment of the People’s Procuracy of Ho Chi Minh City, in September 2020, Nguyen Vo Quynh Trang moved to live as husband and wife with Nguyen Kim Trung Thai in an apartment at Topaz 2 Saigon Pearl (Binh Thanh district), NTVA’s nephew (SN 2013, 2013). Thai children) also live here.

Around October 2021, due to the Covid-19 epidemic, A. studied online at home, Thai assigned Trang to stay at home to take care of and tutor An.

During the process of living together from December 7, 2021 to December 22, 2021, Trang repeatedly beat and tortured her with her hands, feet, wooden sticks, whips, metal sticks (connecting pipes of vacuum cleaners) brutality against Chu A. in many different ways, for many days, many hours.

There were days when Trang beat up A. in a state of no clothes, knelt down and raised his arms high, forcing A. to go into the dog house and keep it with the dog, kneeling in the doghouse.

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Nguyen Vo Quynh Trang.

Specifically, on December 7, 2021, at 17:07, Trang forced An’s nephew to kneel with his hands raised high and beat him with a whip, while Thai sat on the bed and witnessed and cursed at A.; A. knelt to study until 18:28 before getting up.

On December 10, 2021, from 10:14 p.m. to 2:10 p.m. on December 11, 2021, Trang and Thai used whips and metal rods to beat grandson A. in the state that grandchild A was not wearing clothes (due to Trang did not allow A. to wear clothes), Trang used her hand to strangle An’s child.

Thai witnessed and along with Trang scolded A.; Thai and Trang also hit A’s head with a metal stick, Trang used a whip (the type of dog to beat), then Thai also took a whip to hit A’s head.

Trang grabbed A’s hair and forced him into the dog house with a Corgi dog. Trang continued to beat and scold An, and Thai stood by to witness and scold An.

On 11-12-2021, starting at 8 o’clock and lasting until 10 o’clock, Trang took the scissors to cut her hair, grabbed A.’s hair with her hand, and put her head down on the table, hit her head with a stick, covered her head with a towel, and used it. hand hit child A.’s head repeatedly on the table until he fell to the floor.

Trang repeatedly kicked her stomach with her feet, whipped her face with a towel, hit her nephew with a stick, and forced her to kneel and raise her hands. Thai was present to witness everything, but did not intervene, but also cursed with Trang.

After Trang finished beating, Thai discovered that her daughter was bleeding on her head, so she gave first aid and took her to the hospital to stitch the wound. Although she was injured, by the afternoon of the same day, Trang continued to use her hands and feet and a metal stick (the connecting pipe of the vacuum cleaner) to beat her.

At 16:30, Trang and Thai left the house but still forced them to kneel at home, Trang and Thai watched through the camera.

When Trang and Thai came home, from 19:57 to 20:20 on the same day, Trang continued to force A. to take off his pants and hit him with a metal stick. During this time, Thai saw Trang beat A. but did not intervene.

Brutal beating

On December 12, 2021, at 16:27, Trang forced An’s nephew to kneel, raise his hands high, beat him with a metal rod with a plastic head, and use his foot to kick A. along with the dog, cursed while slapping his face with his hands, lying in his hair, pulling A’s ears.

Thai holding a metal stick with a plastic head stood beside it to witness; At 5:00 p.m., Trang forced A. out of the doghouse to take off his pants and lie on his stomach so that Trang could use a wooden stick to beat him and interrogate with Thai.

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Trang continued to beat her grandson with a wooden stick, slap her with her hand, and use her foot to kick her nephew, Thai was present to witness but did not stop but together with Trang scolded grandson A., until 20:15 on the same day, Trang and Thai stopped. did not torture child A.

On December 22, 2021, Thai went to work and A. stayed at home with Trang to study online according to the school’s schedule from 7am to 11am. From 12:30 to 13:30, Thai goes home to have lunch until 13:45 Thai continues to work. From 2:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m., Trang made A. kneel down to do the homework for Trang to check.

From 14:51 to 18:00, Trang let her children study. During this time, Trang did not let her child wear clothes. Trang used a wooden stick to hit her in a row, pounding on grandson A.

When this hand is tired, Trang changes to holding the tree with her left hand and continues to fight. When her hand hurt, Trang put on gloves and continued to beat A. many times, continuously even though at this time on A.’s body there were many hematoma wounds in the buttocks and waist areas.

When she dodged, Trang used a plastic rope (a drawstring) to tie A.’s hands and feet together, then continued to hit with a round wooden stick. When A. fell to the floor, Trang continued to hold the wooden stick with both hands, put in force and hit very hard repeatedly, many times on the buttocks, hips, and back area of ​​child A.

When she didn’t use her hands, Trang used her feet to kick and kick repeatedly in the abdomen, hips, back, genitals, or hit A’s head and face with her hands.

Trang hit and cursed, humiliated and tortured her. Around 15 o’clock, Thai watched the camera in A.’s bedroom (on the phone, she saw that Trang was hitting A., so the phone asked Trang not to hit A. anymore and then hung up).

However, Trang continued to beat and torture A. continuously until 18:00 when she lost consciousness, Trang phoned Thai. At the same time, Thai had just come home from work and ran to give first aid to A., then accompanied Trang to take him to the hospital.

After that, Thai logged into the camera management application on his mobile phone, performing the act of deleting all data of the 4 cameras in the apartment.


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