4 times to swallow bitterly & dream to destroy SEA Games

In the Vietnamese martial arts village, Nguyen Tran Duy Nhat is known as a “monument” in Muay Thai with 7 times amateur Muay world champion. But at the SEA Games ring, the boxer born in 1989 could not once reach the highest position. It is also the last remaining title in Nguyen Tran Duy Nhat’s collection. The upcoming 31st SEA Games, which will be held at home in Vietnam, is considered the last chance for “lonely defeat” to break the ice and bring home the prestigious gold medal.

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Boxer Nguyen Tran Duy Nhat.

4 Times “Swallowing Spicy” At SEA GAMES

Nguyen Tran Duy Nhat is a descendant of the famous Tan Gia Quyen lineage in the Vietnamese martial arts village. From an early age, he was soon exposed to traditional martial arts and showed outstanding talent. However, Duy Nhat’s name only really became popular when he switched to compete in Muay Thai in 2007. It was the first step to form a “monument” in the Vietnamese martial arts village.

In the world amateur Muay ring, Nguyen Tran Duy Nhat played impressively and created an “unprecedented” feat when he won the championship 7 times (from 2010 to 2017). But the world champion returning to compete in the SEA Games arena is like a nightmare.

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2009 marked the first time the Muay Vietnamese team participated in the regional playground. At that time, our force of athletes was still young, mainly selected from martial artists with a traditional martial background to “bring the bell to fight the country”.

Carrying many of the legendary skills of Tan Gia Quyen, Nguyen Tran Duy Nhat is naturally expected to shine in the 25th SEA Games ring in Laos. In fact, the boxer born in 1989 dominated from the beginning and easily reached the final against Thai boxer Teerawat Wannalee.

At the most vigorous age of the boxer’s life, Duy Nhat fought an extremely impressive match with a series of consecutive blows when the Thai boxer was stunned, with blood all over his face. The boxer of Ho Chi Minh City was sure of a victory for himself, but when the final result was announced, it was completely the opposite. Teerawat was the winner and Duy Nhat only won the silver medal – his highest achievement in the SEA Games up to now.

The resentment seemed to be gently reclaimed by Nguyen Tran Duy Nhat when 4 years later he returned to the 27th SEA Games (2013) in Myanmar as the reigning world champion. But again, “lonely and defeated” must continue to hold grudges.

“In the semi-final match, I met Laotian boxer Latsasack. I dominated from beginning to end, forcing my opponent to block, if it’s fair to say that I was 7 they only had 3. But in the end, when it was fair, they only had 3. After announcing the results, I also don’t understand why the winner is the opponent. I feel so unfair that I was blatantly forced and burst into tears right after the match.” Duy Nhat recalls.

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Duy Nhat burst into tears after a haunting defeat at the 27th SEA Games.

Nhat’s loss shocked the 3,000 spectators present at the stadium that day. They immediately stood up to protest the results, and at the same time clapped their hands to support the Vietnamese boxers. Tears at the 27th SEA Games are still considered an obsession for Nguyen Tran Duy Nhat when talking about the regional arena.

Returning to the 29th SEA Games in Malaysia in 2017 as a true champion with a series of historical victories and rich combat experience, Nguyen Tran Duy Nhat was then expected to erase the oppression. unlucky to bring home the first gold medal for Muay Vietnam. But in reality, difficulties piled up when the host country abandoned the 60kg content of his forte, forcing Duy Nhat to force his weight down to 57kg to hit. This is considered the turning point to lead to the 3rd consecutive failure of “lonely and unsuccessfully”.

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“At that time, every day, I had to wear a weightlifting suit to exercise all the time, every time I ran from 10 to 15km to make my body sweat a lot. I ate a lot of fiber, vitamins and limited starch. Maintaining the weight loss regime for such a long time should make the body fall into a state of stress and fatigue.

When entering the SEA Games, the physical strength is not guaranteed to be at its best, so the feeling of hitting and hitting power is significantly reduced when playing against the forte weight class. This leads to unexpected results”. Duy Nhat said.

Before Thailand’s Thachtana Luangphon, who played mischievously and full of strength, Duy Nhat had to accept an unfortunate loss in the semi-finals. Once again, the gold medal evaded the original Lam Dong boxer.

By the 2019 SEA Games, the fighting content was not put into competition by the host Philippines, forcing Duy Nhat to switch to performing Muay Boran against his forte. Ironically, during the competition, teammate Nguyen Tang Quyen was injured when he landed, so he had to give up. Because there was no replacement, the Vietnamese team had to accept to stop in 4th place and win the bronze medal.

Nguyen Tran Duy Nhat can be considered a “strange paradox” in the Vietnamese Muay village because his level is inherently world-class, but bad luck always follows him when he returns to compete in the regional arena. But that does not reduce the desire of “lonely to win and lose”, but the SEA Games gold medal is a motivation for Duy Nhat to practice more and more determined to conquer it.

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The SEA Games gold medal is the last missing title in Duy Nhat’s collection.


The 31st SEA Games held in Vietnam this May is the last congress that the 33-year-old boxer attends. Therefore, the dream of a gold medal is even more burning for Nguyen Tran Duy Nhat. In the history of Southeast Asian sports events, the Vietnamese Muay team has not yet had a male boxer step up to the highest position. Therefore, more than anyone else, it is Nguyen Tran Duy Nhat who wishes to once break the “snap” of the SEA Games before retiring from the national team.

Around the time of the SEA Games, Duy Nhat still maintained a regular training regimen every day from 8 hours with many exercises such as jumping rope, punching bag, lifting truck tires, push-ups and even fighting drills. . In any situation, “lonely and defeated” always makes those who love him admire his professionalism and seriousness in training to maintain his peak performance.

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“I myself have been in the ring a lot, winning or losing. The most important thing now is confidence and trying to show my best, will fight as much as I can so that when I step on the stage, I will fight to the best of my ability. Win or lose, no regrets.

The goal of winning the SEA Games gold medal is what I set out for the upcoming congress, it is the only medal missing in my collection. In Southeast Asia, Thai boxers are still considered the strongest opponents, alongside the rise of rivals from Cambodia, Laos, and the Philippines.

Being able to compete at home is an advantage, but it doesn’t mean anything if the boxer himself doesn’t have the strength and effort because the opponents have already studied my style of play. I see each match as a final, every time I go on the radio, I will do my best, hoping that luck will smile and not be unlucky like the previous times.” Duy Nhat shared.

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Grandparents have a saying “fire tests gold, hardship tries”, Duy Nhat tried his hand at 4 consecutive SEA Games and experienced many of the most difficult challenges of a boxer. But glory had always eluded him inexplicably. Hopefully at home, Duy Nhat will prove the bravery of the top Muay fighter in Vietnam to bring glory to the country.

At the 31st SEA Games, Duy Nhat competed in the 60kg weight category alongside four male teammates: Huynh Hoang Phi (54kg), Nguyen Doan Long (57kg), Truong Cao Minh Phat (63.5kg), Truong Quoc Hung (81kg). . Muay sport was held at Vinh Yen City Gymnasium (Vinh Phuc) from May 17 to 22. 20220504131024544.htm

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