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8 habits parents should let go of to help their children develop excellently

Studies have shown that if wise parents suppress these habits, their children will have more prospects for success in the future.

1. Do it for me

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Parents who don’t help their children make things better for them. They need to learn how to dress themselves, tie their shoelaces, and organize their backpacks to go to school. Of course, adults can do these things faster and more skillfully, but parents should be patient and wait for their children to find their own methods. This is very necessary because they are not always there to take care of their children.

2. Urging your child

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“My God, I’m slow in everything I do, why am I so bored”; “Every morning to remind, it’s late again”, “Eat a little more, don’t just pick up food like that”… Many parents have urged their children like that. However, prompting can sometimes backfire.

Every child that comes into this world has its own rhythm. If parents always ask their children to follow the rhythm of adults, it will be a type of harm to the child’s physical and mental health.

Moreover, this type of urging behavior also makes children think that, having parents to help manage their time, no matter what they do, they will definitely be on time, can’t be late. This will weaken the child’s concept of time.

3. Always monitor and control your child’s every move

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No need to follow your child everywhere. When your child is an adult, let her go to school on her own or ride the school bus on her own. Of course, if the mother is with the baby, she will feel calmer, more confident and the mother will be sure of the safety of the baby. But at the appropriate age, children need to know the safety rules and understand how to behave when going to public places. In addition, letting children go with friends to socialize and discuss homework will be more appropriate.

4. The habit of compulsion

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Many mothers have the habit of forcing their children to do this, to do that. Mothers are adults, with more experience than children, but coercion will inadvertently kill children’s creativity, thinking ability and problem-solving skills. When children do not try to do what they want, it is easy for children to get lost and go the wrong way, they tend to become inert, passive, do not dare to take opportunities for fear of doing wrong, disturbing parents heart.

Excessive management and coercion will only make children more suffocated, greatly affecting their physical and mental development.

5. Habit of negative comments

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According to a study by the University of Iowa, USA, the average child receives more than 400 negative comments per week. Meanwhile, the words parents say to their children every day only 20% of the content of encouragement is positive. After this study was published, many people said that this is a terrible fact.

Whipping and scolding are often considered by many parents as a strict method of educating their children to become good people. However, according to psychologists at the University of Iowa, these measures are not educational, let alone have a profound psychological impact on children. The fastest way to destroy a child is to destroy self-esteem and “turn” the child into a worthless person.

Italian educator Maria Montessori once said, “Every personality defect is caused by some form of abuse experienced in childhood.” Children who are regularly spanked are always ready to feel shame and guilt, have low self-esteem and always have the thought that they are useless and can’t do anything. Once this way of thinking is ingrained, children become self-conscious and do not dare to face challenges directly.

6. Speak for me

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Never blame your child for not communicating with others when parents have never given him a chance to speak. When someone asks a child’s question, let him learn to answer questions on his own and develop a spontaneous response. Otherwise, the baby will become shy and timid in front of people.

7. Habit of Doubt

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When your child achieves any achievement, no matter how small, please acknowledge it and send encouragement to the child. Some people, when looking at the results, doubt their children’s ability, and many mothers ask their children if this is really the result they have achieved. This will greatly hurt the psyche as well as the self-esteem of the child.

Parents should immediately drop their doubts, accept the results with their children and encourage them to make more efforts. A child who is always suspected and judged will not be able to freely do what they like and be motivated to develop more in the future.

8. Choosing instead of children

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Let your child choose! Parents should not choose clothes, toys, impose preferences on children, decide for their children what they like and what to give others. Of course, parents can give advice, discuss options with their children. But parents don’t say they know more because the child understands it. They just need to give you the chance to choose what you want.

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