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CIA publishes documents instructing Russians to leak information to US intelligence

Also according to the sheet The Washington Postagents of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) are distributing manuals in Russian on various platforms that allow Russian citizens to contact the CIA if they want to cooperate.

The CIA is said to have increased its recruitment of Russian nationals to gather important intelligence that could help in dealing with Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine.

And the news agency? TASS Citing US media sources, a former CIA employee told reporters that efforts to recruit “collaborators” online are safer than working with them through the US Embassy in the capital. Moscow city.

CIA publishes documents instructing Russians to leak information to US intelligence - 1

The CIA wants to recruit more “collaborators” from Russia to support Ukraine on the battlefield. (Photo: Reuters)

The above instructions were publicly posted by the CIA on popular social networks in Russia such as Instagram on May 2 (banned in Russia), as well as on other Internet platforms.

The CIA document instructs individuals who wish to work with the agency to disclose the “collaborator’s” name, nationality, place of residence and access to intelligence sources.

The CIA also recommends that sources use Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and other methods when trying to establish a connection. CIA experts say that in this way, it will be difficult for Russia’s counterintelligence agency to identify such contacts.

According to TASSUS officials also expect Washington to be able to “recruit spies” and gain greater access to Russia’s state secrets with the measure.

While, CBS News described the CIA as providing “Russians opposed to the Ukraine operation” a secure channel of communication. “Our global mission is to make sure anyone can contact us securely from anywhere”said an unnamed US official.

In April, CIA Director William Burns acknowledged that the United States was sharing intelligence on Russia with Ukraine before and during hostilities, marking a significant expansion of Washington’s involvement in the conflict.

The statement by the head of the CIA came after a US intelligence official said that Washington over the past few days had expanded intelligence on Russia that it shared with Ukrainian forces.

Since Russia launched a military operation in Ukraine at the end of February, the administration of US President Joe Biden has made many changes to the top secret directive, which stipulates what the US must share with Ukraine. Much of what America collects is shared, some is not.

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