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Controversy when charging at karaoke bar, guests were forced to tie and beat

Police of Tan Uyen town, Binh Duong province today (May 4) said that the police department is holding criminally 5 subjects for investigation of illegal arrest and detention.

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Minh Tram karaoke bar 3 places where the incident happened – Photo: TT

Among these, subjects Tran Thanh Hai (40 years old, living in Binh Duong), Duong Minh Hoan (27 years old, living in Gia Lai) and Pham Van Be Ba (30 years old, living in Vinh Long) were identified to participate directly. unlawful arrest.

According to the investigation, late on April 29, Mr. NTH (33 years old, living in Dak Lak) and his friends went to Minh Tram 3 karaoke bar (Vinh Tan ward, Tan Uyen town) to sing.

At dawn on April 30, Mr. H went to the checkout counter, when a conflict occurred with Nguyen Thi Thu Thao (23 years old, cashier manager), then Mr. H knocked over the cash register screen.

At this time, Thao called Tran Thanh Hai (manager of the karaoke bar) to solve it. After a while, Hai and the above subjects went to the shop to beat Mr. H, causing him to flee to a nearby vacant lot, but was chased by this group.

Next, Hai used a 7-seater car with his accomplices to pull Mr. H into the car and then drove him to the nearby Minh Tram 1 karaoke bar.

While moving, Mr. H opened the door of the car to run away, but was caught by this group, tied his hands, beat, controlled and brought him to a house located in front of Minh Tram 1 karaoke bar, then left the victim at a vacant land in Vinh Tan ward.

Through the investigation, the police agency detained the subjects for investigation.

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