Dat Villa in tears announced the suspension of the livestream

Hot TikToker also explains the reason for this decision and promises to return soon.

Dat Villa (real name Dang Thanh Dat, born in 1994) is one of the names that have attracted the attention of netizens recently.

In addition to the cross-border love story with Vidhia – TikToker Indonesia, the private life of this hot TikToker also caused many people to discuss and have mixed opinions.

Recently, Dat Villa continued to surprise fans in particular and netizens in general when it announced that it would suspend TikTok for a while.

Specifically, during the last night of 3/5 livestream, hot TikToker said: Dat thanked the brothers and sisters and friends of the Villa family for loving and supporting Dat during the past time. Dat thought about it for a long time and decided to tell everyone today.

Dat will pause TikTok for a while, not stop TikTok anymore. Maybe I’ll post a video, but it won’t be live anymore.”

And when announcing his decision to the fans, Dat Villa was quite emotional, hesitant and his eyes filled with tears.

Dat Villa in tears announced the suspension of livestream-1
Dat Villa was quite emotional when announcing

About the reason for this sudden decision, Dat Villa said because this time the psychology is not good.

“Don’t worry! I’ll be back! But I’m better than before. I’m not in a good mood now, but when I’m in a good mood, I’ll come back.” Dat confirmed.

In addition, hot TikToker also wants everyone not to delete TikTok while I’m on pause, but stay so that when I come back, you can still see everyone there.

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