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Department of Health inspects the obstetrician in the case of beating women in Cao Bang

Wednesday, May 4, 2022 06:55 AM (GMT+7)

The director of the Department of Health said that he would direct the inspection and clarify the information that the obstetrician “required” for medical examination in the middle of the night in the case of beating women in Cao Bang.

On the afternoon of May 3, talking with the reporter of Traffic Newspaper, Mr. Nong Tuan Phong, Director of the Department of Health Cao Bang province said, Provincial Department of Health As tall as received information about the case of a group of people coming to the house and assaulting women in the area. The incident is said to have stemmed from an obstetrician who called a female patient to make an appointment to see a doctor at more than 10pm, leading to conflict and spreading the clip on social media.

“The initial review results show that the above obstetrician is not on the payroll at any public health facility directly managed by the Health Department of Cao Bang province. The above person is working in the private healthcare sector. The Department of Health of Cao Bang province will check, verify specifically and strictly handle if violations are detected,” said Director of Cao Bang Health Department Nong Tuan Phong.

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The scene where the man directly slapped the woman when he prevented people from getting into the car. Image cut from clip.

According to reports from relevant people, around 11 p.m., on April 28, in De Tham ward, Cao Bang city, there was an incident of Mr. Security came to the house, assaulted a woman and demanded that a young man get in the car.

The cause of the incident is said to be about 22:20 on the same day, the female patient was called by a doctor named Nam, who had previously had a gynecological examination, to make an appointment for a follow-up examination but was flatly refused by the patient with the reason that it was already late night.

The above incident made the woman’s boyfriend angry, calling back, leading to an exchange of words with the above doctor. After asking for the exact address, this doctor and police officers were present at the patient’s house to arrest someone because he thought that there was enough evidence stored in the phone. After it was posted, many people expressed their frustration at the actions of the doctor and the above group of police officers.

After the above incident, the Deputy Head of the Song Bang ward police station was asked to temporarily suspend his work to serve the verification and clarification work. Currently, the case is still being verified and handled by Cao Bang City Police.

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